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For the Compete & Meet this weekend, please bring fluids and food for yourself and, if you can, food for the players and volunteers. If you are scheduled for a later match, come early and ref some of the matches. Or stay after you have played and help referee. If you are not playing, please referee if you can. Especially Sunday, we are trying to get everyone started at 8 AM to avoid the forecast afternoon winds. Refs are greatly needed and appreciated. If you can help, please email Nancy Lesicka (nlesicka@gmail.com).

Start times are as follows:
Friday, Oct 18th: Check-in 12:30 and start time at 1 PM for all singles players

Saturday, Oct 19th: Everyone should check-in at 7:30 AM and plan to start at 8 AM EXCEPT FOR: Women’s 2.0,2.5,3.0, who check-in at 10 AM, with a start time at 10:30 and women’s 3.5 who check-in at 10:30 AM and start at 11:00 AM.

Sunday, Oct 20th: All Mixed doubles check-in at 7:30 AM and start at 8 AM.

As we have done in past Fall tournaments, the format will be Round Robin.


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