ABQ Pickleball Club is the largest pickleball club in New Mexico with 550+ members.


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NM Games September, 22-24th, 2017
Fun and Play at the new Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts in Albuquerque. Lots of play, shirts, tote bags, medals. For more information, contact Gary Rutherford at ruthergary@aol.com. Deadline to register is September 15, 2017. It is a skill based tournament ($30 for all events). Divisions will be 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+. New pickleballers and first time tournament players at all levels are encouraged to participate. If you don’t have a partner, register on partner search either with pickleballtournaments.com (find NM Games under future tournaments) or send an email to abqpickleball@gmail.com to be put on club partner search (or do both).

Register at pickleballtournaments.com or mail in the forms found under Upcoming Tournaments. Singles at 1 pm on Friday September 22, doubles at 8 am on September 23, and mixed doubles at 8 am on September 24th.

Play format will be as follows:
Triple elimination brackets for five or more teams.
Round robin for divisions with four or fewer teams.
We will combine divisions for play if two or fewer teams in a division.

Looking forward to another great tournament!

Come Learn Pickleball at the Manzano Mesa Courts, 10-12 Saturday, or fill out the form below and we will try and work alternate times or locations.




WHO ARE WE? The ABQ Pickleball Club has over 550 members and a dynamic proposed yearly agenda. We play at public courts, for which there is no charge. Our club has no dues, and because of generous donations, we do not anticipate needing to ask for dues in the near future.

ABQ Pickleball Club is a group of (mostly) seniors playing pickleball at various locations around Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Our goals are to be welcoming to all levels of players, promote and publicize pickleball, encourage the development of new facilities, retain and expand the use of current facilities, provide the necessary equipment, encourage new players to learn and participate (via open houses, learning nets, training, etc.), increase club activities (leagues, fun tournaments, etc.), and run tournaments.

Our mailing address is:
ABQ Pickleball Club
PO Box 20846
Albuquerque, NM 87154

Email: abqpickleball@gmail.com

WHAT WE DO? The ABQ Pickleball Club provides balls and nets, coordinates with the city and county on operating indoor and outdoor venues, partners with NM Games in providing annual tournaments, partners with the city on providing other pickleball tournaments, conducts open houses, sponsors mini-tournaments, provides discounts on paddles and equipment, and provides pickleball training for adults and schools. We are proud to have fully supported development of the Manzano Mesa Permanent Pickleball Courts.

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WHY SHOULD I JOIN? Although there is no charge, becoming a member entitles you to vote for your representative to the Managing Council, to speak out on club issues and keeps you informed of openings and closings of facilities as well as providing you with the latest news on upcoming tournaments and activities. Your membership gives the club strength in numbers in talking with the city and county on getting more facilities for pickleball.

HOW DO I JOIN? Download and fill out the Membership Form.

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HOW DO I DONATE TO THE CLUB? We are a member of and receive support from the NM Senior Sports Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit; all cash and in-kind donations are deductible. Where revenues exceed expenses, the net gain shall be used to foster continued Club growth and activity. Contact any officer to make a donation or download this donation form and send it in with your check.

You can view the current pickleball venues calendar at Shutterfly Calendar.