Senior Olympics Bernalillo County Qualifying Tournament

​​​All who wish to compete in pickleball in the Albuquerque 50+ games on March 27 and March 28th can begin registering now. Click here for an entry form (​forms can ​also be picked up at any of the Bernalillo County senior centers).

These are qualifying games for the state games in Roswell June 3-6. There is no associated national games with this event (they are every other year). This tournament is age based. If you are playing with someone of a different age category, the team will be entered in the youngest participant​’​s age group. The current plan is to have the singles at Manzano Mesa on the afternoon of March 27th and doubles will take place all day Saturday at the same location. The exact timing will be determined based on the number of entries.

For questions send to or call Gary Rutherford at ​ 505-507-3663. Thanks.

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Tips for Partner Play – Prem Carnot

How to improve playing performance with your tournament partner
February 4, 2015, by Prem Carnot

A few tips on how you can help you and your partner have a better on-court playing relationship:

We all would like to say that we can play our best with everyone, in any given situation. In reality, there are most likely only a handful of players that we really jive with in tournament play. In other cases, the lack of communication or lack of good communication can greatly impact your chance at turning in a good performance.

Here are a few tips I suggest:

1. Identify strengths & weaknesses of your team

One way to avoid conflicts during a game is to clearly understand the limitations of your team. Be honest with your partner about strengths and weaknesses. Don’t commit to too much, trying to overcompensate can often lead to larger problems during a tough match. You need to know what your team can do to play well on the court.

2. Eliminate negative communication

The absolute worse time to try and fix a problem is during a game. If your partner makes a mistake, stay focused on the match; not every point missed. There are always opportunities to win games if you can move past one lost point. When I’m playing I want my partner to keep me focused when I’m struggling, and I want them to know that I have their back when it’s their time as well.

3. Create a supportive environment

When I play with players that might not be playing at a higher skill level, it is important for me to create a supportive on-court environment for them. What does that mean? Well, I want them to know that I am confident that they can make the tough shots; that they can hold their own. Any overcompensating on my part might lead them to believe that they are incapable of executing difficult shots. Then I’m working the whole court and we’ll most likely lose more points.

4. Play your game

This is easy to say, but hard to do; especially when you play a tough team and quickly get down in points. Remember, your goal is to always control the pace of play. In many cases, teams who get down in a game often hit the ball harder, take more low percentage shots and try to match the level of play of their opponents. In reality, you must try and play at your own pace and not get sucked into making poor decisions. You can always take a timeout to regroup.

5. TRUST your partner

For you both to do well in a game, they need to know you are trying your best. There needs to be a mutual respect for the level in which you both play.

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Paddle Tips from Pro-Lite

Do I Need a New Paddle?

Playing with an old worn out paddle will affect your game. Your paddle has a distinctive sound. Do you hear new sound coming from your paddle? Is your paddle soft around the middle or the top edges? Here is how to check your paddle …
•Place your hands on the sides of the paddle with your thumbs on the face of the paddle.
•Press down hard with both thumbs around the paddle’s sweet spot and around the top edges.

If you detect soft spots it’s time to buy a new paddle.

How Do I Choose a Paddle?
Pro-Lite has several models! So which one do I choose? Your choice depends upon your hand size and your swing motion.

•Hand Size
If you have a large hand size try the models with the smaller face but longer handle. The Pro-Lite Aero-D, Power and Classic paddles will accommodate a larger hand.

•Swing Motion
Swing motion is distance that the paddle travels by moving your arm back and raising your paddle and then swinging down through ball contact and then back up on your follow-through.
•If you have a long swing motion, then try the lightweight Pro-Lite Blaster, Magnum, Enforcer, Aero-D or Classic paddles.
•If you have a short swing motion try the Pro-Lite Power paddle. It is a little heavier and is designed for the player who “punches” the ball. You still may want to use the lighter weight paddles, especially with indoor play.

Take Care of Your Paddle

Taking good care of your paddle will extend its life. Here are some tips …
•Do not slap the net, your leg or any other surface with the paddle.
•Try not to take “divots” by scraping the ground. This action will eventually cause breakage at the “neck” of your paddle. Just look at your edge guard at the top of the paddle. It will tell you if you take too many “divots.”
•Do not slap the edge of paddle on the ground.

These are sure ways of breaking the paddle at the neck. And it doesn’t happen instantaneously. It usually happens after you have hit an overhead or a hard smash at the net. Why? Because the culmination of all the misuse results in weakening the neck of the paddle.

Other helpful hints …

•Wash the paddle face with a mild soap and water – The Pro-Lite Paddles have a beautiful finish. So wash it and it will look like new! And you will gain more spin on the ball too! Just take a damp cloth and add a very small amount of soap. Wash the face and wipe clean with a dry cloth.
•After a while the edge guard may come loose. Use Elmer’s Ultimate Glue to glue the edge guard back onto the face. It’s sold in most home improvement stores. Do not use a Silicone glue because it takes 24 hours to cure and really doesn’t work very well.
•Store your paddle in a safe place. Cover the face so that it will not get scratched.
•Don’t let water get inside the edge guard. It will destroy the paddle’s core.
•Do not leave paddle outside in extreme heat. Store paddle(s) in cooler temperatures.

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Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be open to all of you who have an interest in seeing Pickleball grow in the Albuquerque area.

We will conduct board business first, then open up for questions and comments. Here is the proposed agenda.

We look forward to seeing you Monday evening​, February 23​, starting at 5:30 pm at Jerry Kline tennis complex, located on the northeast corner of Louisiana and Constitution.

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Paddles Needed

Hi, I’m coordinator at the Bernalillo pickleball play and we seem to be attracting, on a pretty regular basis, new folks to pickleball play. I’m looking for several used paddles that I can acquire pretty inexpensively so that these new players have something to try as they learn the game and even to purchase if they want an inexpensive introduction to the game. If you have access to one or more composite or graphite paddle (no plastic or heavy wooden paddles please) and willing to part with it to help a new person have something as a way of introduction to the game, give me a call at 505-934-2649 or send me an email to Thanks.

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ABQ Pickleball Club Logo Contest


The ABQ Pickleball Club is in need of a Club logo! The logo will be used for Board Members’ business cards, Club stationery, shirts, hats, jackets, bumper stickers and anything else we can use to advertise our existence! The design may be placed on medals for Club tournaments!

If you have a notion please share it with us! The Board will choose the winning entry.

The winner will receive Club recognition and a shirt with the new logo!

Please forward your entries via email to no later than Feb 20, 2015.

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January Arizona Tournaments

Congratulations to the following New Mexico medal winners and participants in the following January Pickleball tournaments in Arizona.

Tucson Senior Olympics (Jan 12-15):

Linda Valencia and Robyn Chiappini: Bronze, 3.5, WD

Surprise Courts Fundraiser (Jan 16-18):

Christine McGrath: Gold, 5.0, WD

Happy Trails (Jan 19-23):

Roxanne Pierce: Silver, 5.0, 50+, MXD
Roxanne Pierce: Bronze, 5.0 50+, WD
Judy Aron and Virgie Henderson: Silver, 4.0, 65+ WD
Linda Valencia: Bronze, 4.0 MXD
Larry Lite: Bronze, 4.0 65+, MD

Other participants were Micheline and Dennis Runyan, Dee and Tom Rios, Marty Novak

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