New Indoor Venue

​Barelas Community Center will open for pickleball starting tomorrow, 4/17. This facility will be open on Wednesday and Fridays from 9am-11am. Sorry for the late notice, but we just got approvals. Barelas will be open through May 29th this year, and, with good attendance, may start again next september. Special thanks to Paul Nunez who spearheaded the effort into arranging for the facility and equipment. Barelas Community Center is located at 801 Barelas Rd. SW 87102 Atlantic Ave. & 8th St

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Update – ABQ Pickleball Cllub

This is an update on the health status of the Albuquerque Pickleball Club: It will continue as an entity even though the past board announced to the community on April 1, 2015, that they were dissolving the Board as of April 15, 2015.

The ABQ Pickleball Club interim organizational structure, formed to deal with the dissolution announcement, was described in a previous email on April 8, 2015.

​That previous email​ ​informed the community that the venue coordinators will serve as an advisory board and report to players at their venues. The advisory board will have authority over an administrative committee which oversees cross venue and other initiatives, and several working committees.

The Club has requested that ABQ Pickleball Club retain its current membership with the 501C 3 NM Senior Sports Foundation, and its nonprofit status.

A committee has been formed to rewrite the bylaws to reflect changes being made for the club. An activities committee has begun to identify and plan for community activities such as leagues for this summer, mini-tournaments, ladders, and play between venues and other pickleball clubs. Other committees will focus on creating tournaments, and finding and promoting new venues for both indoor and outdoor play.

We are an all-volunteer community and invite all who wish to lend a hand in making the ABQ Pickleball Club a club where all level of players are welcome. For those who wish to help in these endeavors, working with the committees or otherwise, please contact your venue coordinator,, or Bob Ashmore at ​

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NM Games

​Don’t forget to reserve the third weekend in September (18-20) for pickleball in the NM Games. This will be at Los Altos Park. The weekend was moved so it would not conflict with a big softball tournament, and a western slope tournament in Colorado. It is two weeks after the Pikes Peak tournament as well.

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Western Slope Colorado tournaments

For those interested in the Western Slope Colorado tournaments, here is an informational flyer. Last year a number of us went to the Durango tournament and enjoyed it (at that time they used pool play and single elimination format). Each of the tournaments uses a different format, so before registering you might want to talk to the recreation department indicated on the flyer.

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NMSO Qualifying Tournament – Bernalillo County

​Congrats to all the participants of the Senior Olympics at Manzano Mesa. Special thanks to Mo and Randy, Gretchen, Dale, Jared and the other tournament organizers/communicators. Also, to all those who reffed (there were many of you) and manned the desk (Mo, Shirley, Belinda). The results are:

Womens singles Mens singles
gold  Joyce Helgeson Brian Nystrom
gold Mo Wright Tony Teague
silver Randy Wright
gold Gail Gourley Rick Hooker
silver Gopal Rao
bronze Bud Schwartz
gold Dale Reynolds Ram Pereyra
silver Jim Garrison
gold John Lopez
gold Penny Dever-Reynolds
gold Louise Kiss
   Womens doubles Mens Doubles
gold Helgeson/Kane
silver Bemis/Corrales
bronze Denman/Gourley
gold Gutierrez/Martinez Wright/Ashmore
silver Gonzalez/Teague
gold Miranda/Burns Paull/Chavez
silver Sedillo/Wantuck Schwartz/Hooker
bronze Pruess/Childs Rao/Rutherford
gold Warrender/Allen Pereyra/Salm
silver Reynolds/Dever-Reynolds Lopez/Garrison
gold Kiss/Herron Jones/Gilbert
gold Mills/Sandoval
  Mixed Doubles
gold Helgeson/Pereyra
silver Bemis/Rao
bronze Denman/Schwartz
gold Teague/Martinez
silver Wright/Wright
gold Burns/Paull
silver Miranda/Martinez
bronze Wantuck/Chavez
gold Allen/Jones
gold Yamada/Dever-Reynolds
gold Wellner/Sandoval


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New Westside Venue!

​LBJ middle school will open for pickleball and a grand taping on April 7th at 5​:​30-7​:​30​ PM​. Hours will be 5​:​30-7​:​30 PM on Tuesdays​ and ​Thursdays from April 7th thru May 19th. This is anticipated to continue next school year as well​ ​(if we behave). LBJ Middle School is located at 6811 Taylor Ranch Dr. NW​, Albuquerque, NM 87120.

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Hoover Middle School

Hoover Middle School pickleball will be closed 4/1 and 4/8.

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