New Venue – Los Duranes

Los Duranes opens next Tuesday (October 28th) for taping at 9​:​30 am. Play will begin at 10 until 12. The facility will be open for pickleball on Tuesdays and again on Saturdays, 10-12. Initially there will be two courts, if we have good turnouts it could increase to 3 courts. The address is:

2920 Leopoldo Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM , which is just north of I-40 at the Rio Grande exit.

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Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez has 2.0-3.0 drop-in league play on Wednesday, as an experiment there will be be one court left open for drilling and lessons for those who want to practice.

This does not impact the 3.5 and up league on Monday, or the open day on Friday.

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eisenhower pickleball

eisenhower middle school will open for pickleball this monday​, October 20​. we will be lining the courts at 5​:​30 and playing immediately after.

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Huntsman Games in Utah

Congratulations to the ABQ Pickleball Club players who participated in the 2014 Huntsman World Senior Games in St George, Utah. They are:

And, from Angel Fire:

Click here to view the full results from Huntsman pickleball.

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Added venue and expanded times

​Raymond G Sanchez community center has expanded hours to include 9-11 on Wednesday and Thursday morning. There are nets and balls stored there, so people can just stop by.

Los Duranes Community Center (2920 Leopoldo NW, near Rio Grande and I-40) will open for pickleball on Tuesdays from 10-12 and Saturdays from 10-12 if there is a lot of interest. There will be two courts available. This would not open until the October 28th, when the weather will probably start impacting outside play. Please let me know if you would be playing there sometimes on either day so we can assess interest. Also, we would need volunteers to run Tuesday, and a backup volunteer to run Saturdays (Elaine is the lead on Saturdays, and thanks to her for suggesting this facility). If you would probably play there, we would appreciate volunteers.

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​ABQ Pickleball ​Club Board Election

The ​ABQ Pickleball ​Club Bylaws passed overwhelmingly last month. Click here for a copy of the Bylaws as approved by general vote on September 30, 2014.

I would like to encourage all pickleballers to consider running for a position on the next ​C​lub board, which will take office in January, 2015. We need a lot of different perspectives to ensure we meet the needs of all our members. The following positions are up for election:

President (2 year term)
Vice-President (1 Year term)
Secretary (1 year term)
Treasurer (2 year term)
member at large (2 year term)
member at large (1 year term

To run for office, please contact a member of the election committee with your name and position you are interested in prior to the end of this month (October). I have appointed the following individuals to the election committee.

Bob (
John (
Rosalie (
Lou (
Dale (electronic vote tallying)
Note: while not on the committee, we are counting on the venue coordinators to assist those who wish to vote by paper rather than electronically.

The election committee duties are to solicit candidates until the end of October and prepare ballots for consideration, including any proposed bylaws changes. The elections will take place in November and the new Board will take office in January.The elections committee will tally the votes and present the results to the President.


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Eisenhower on tape delay

Opening of Eisenhower Middle School pickleball will be delayed until approximately October 20 while we wait for the arrival of yellow tape.

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