Schedule updates

Starting the week of October 12th Cesar Chavez will change 3.5 and up days to Monday​s​​ &​ Tuesday​s​ from 930-1130AM, 3.0 and open from 930 to 1130AM Wednesday​s​​ & ​Friday​s​. Raymond G ​Sanchez ​will have 3.5 and up 8 to 11AM on Wednesday​s​​ &​Thursday​s​.

Eisenhower MS and LBJ MS open on October 12th. The courts will need to be taped. Eisenhower will run from 530 to 730PM, LBJ will run from 530 to 830PM and will be in the other gym from last year (so if you memorized the dead spots it wont do you any good).

Hoover MS opens October 14th from 6-8PM. The floors will need to be taped there as well.

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ABQ Pickleball Club


WHO ARE WE? The ABQ Pickleball Club has over 250 members who have signed memberships for the 2015/2016 years, and a dynamic proposed yearly agenda which is located below. We play at public courts for which there is no charge. Our club has no dues, and because of generous donations, we do not anticipate needing to ask for dues in the near future.

WHAT WE DO? The ABQ Pickleball Club provides balls, nets, coordinates with the city and county on operating indoor and outdoor venues, partners with NM Games in providing tournaments (including the current USAPA sanctioned September tournament), partners with the city on providing other pickleball tournaments, conducts open houses, sponsors mini-tournaments, provides discounts on paddles and equipment, and our members provide pickleball training for adults and schools. We fully support the construction of the Manzano Mesa Permanent Pickleball Courts.

WHY SHOULD I JOIN? Although there is no charge, becoming a member entitles you to vote on club issues and keeps you informed of openings and closings of facilities as well as providing you with the latest news on upcoming tournaments and activities.

HOW DO I JOIN THE CLUB? Download and fill out the membership form.

HOW DO I DONATE TO THE CLUB? We are a member of the NM Senior Sports Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit; as such donations are deductible. Contact any officer to make a donation or download this donation form and send it in with your check.

WHEN’S THE NEXT ABQ PICKLEBALL CLUB FUN? After the NM games on September 18-20, our next scheduled activity is another mini-tournament on the morning of October 10. As was true in our first very well received mini-tournament, you sign up as an individual, and do not need a partner. The format is by rating, changing partners throughout for individual scores. A donation for balls would be appreciated but is not mandatory. Email if interested in participating in the Oct. 10 mini-tournament.
ABQPickleballclubataglance5_REV_Page_1Click to enlarge

ABQPickleballclubataglance5_REV_Page_2Click to enlarge

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NM Games – Singles and Doubles Results

Here are the results of the Sept 18 -20 NM Games Pickleball Singles, Mens Doubles, Womens Doubles and Mixed Doubles matches. Congratulations to all the participants!

    Men’s Singles:

2.5 Gold–Mike Jackson
Silver–Bill Hunt

3.0 Gold–Michael Wilson
Silver–Elijah Dee
Bronze–Larry Burke

3.5 Gold–Brian Nystrom
Silver–Tony Teague
Bronze–Dennis Pollack

4.0 Gold–Alex Potapoff
Silver–Randy Chilton
Bronze–Scott Dixon

4.5 Gold–Richie Spangler
Silver–Chris Wolfe
Bronze — Andrew Romero

5.0 Gold–Nabil Mehri

    Womens Singles:

2.5 Gold–Carmen Wilson
Silver–Bronwyn Lyman

3.0 Gold–Nancy Shibley
Silver–Mo Wright

3.5 Gold–Lisa Smith

4.0 Gold– Penny Gentile


Men’s 2.5
Gold–Stephen Klein/Brandon Klein
Silver–Bruce Takala/Mike Jackson
Bronze–Florencio Gonzales/Weston McNeely

Men’s 3.0
Gold–Luis Quinones/Ernest Bustillos
Silver–Dennis Dailey/Michael Wilson
Bronze–Victor Alvarez/Bud Brinkerhoff

Men’s 3.5
Gold–Ray Thomas/Larry Burke
Silver–Gopal Rao/Randy Gibson
Bronze–Bob Glynn/Bill Klein

Men’s 4.0
Gold–Randy Shannon/Bill Freydberg
Silver–Ram Pereyra/Gary Rutherford
Bronze–Rick Hooker/Elijah Dee

Men’s 4.5
Gold–Richie Spangler/Alex Potapoff
Silver–Pat Newell/Chris Wolfe
Bronze–Bill Marshall/Steve Ricke

Men’s 5.0–
Randy Chilton/Dominic Greco

Women’s 3.0
Gold–Mary Pruess/MelodyChilds
Silver–Mo Wright/Adeline Apodaca
Bronze–Kathy Klein/Mary Gonzales

Women’s 3.5
Gold–Liz Armijo/Melissa Clayton
Silver–Kim Delbecq/Gretchen Denman
Bronze–Isabel Quinones/Sally Gillich

Women’s 4.0
Gold–Penny Gentile/Debra Davis
Silver–Mandy Miranda/Christine Wantuck
Bronze–Leanne Smith/Doris Corrales

Women’s 4.5
Gold–Lisa Smith/Nancy Kane
Silver–Sharon Allen/Vicky Noakes
Bronze–Joyce Montoya-Helgesen/Penny Forgette

Mixed Doubles

2.5 MX
Gold–Mike Jackson/Rhonda Ayers
Silver–Michael Wilson/Carmen Wilson
Bronze–Brandon Klein/Kathy Klein

3.0 MX
Gold–Margie Allen/James Jones
Silver–Steve Cotner/Nancy Shibley
Bronze–Linda Montoya/Bob Henry

3.5 MX
Gold–Mandy Miranda/Randy Wright
Silver–Larry Burke/Melissa Clayton
Bronze–Karen Nesbitt/Albert Chavez

4.0 MX
Gold–Pat Newell/Virgie Henderson
Silver–Joyce Montoya-Helgesen/Ram Pereyra
Bronze–Penny Gentile/Elijah Dee

4.5 MX
Gold–Alex Potapoff/Lisa Smith
Silver–Nancy Kane/Nabil Mehri
Bronze–Randy Shannon/Vicki Noakes

5.0 MX
Gold–Sharon Allen/Dominic Greco, Jr.

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Try out the Pickleball Channel

My name is Julie Hansell, and I am the PR representative for, a website that offers personal stories, skills and drills shows, and online resources for pickleball enthusiasts, and is a fantastic community for players, clubs, and ambassadors to connect and share their love for the sport.

In honor of pickleball’s 50th anniversary, produced a fantastic new video series, “I ♥ Pickleball,” which delves into the origins of the sport and the players who revolutionized it. Each weekly episode focuses on a different aspect of pickleball’s history, from the “Origins of the Modern Paddle” to “The Original Pickleball Court,” and includes original footage of the evolution of pickleball through the decades.


Julie Hansell

Darby Communications

8 Magnolia Ave. | Suite G-1 | Asheville, NC 28801

o 828.254.0914 | c 734.395.3454

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Albuquerque Pickleball TV spot

To view the recent KRQE-TV spot on pickleball, click here. This article also lists the City of Albuquerque outdoor tennis facilities with lined pickleball courts here.

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Pickleball Etiquette, by Prem Carnot

Thank you, Prem Carnot, for this Pickleball Etiquette article. We could all use the reminder!

by Prem Carnot

One of the best ways to improve your pickleball game is to play with better players. It forces you to play at the top of your ability, makes you pay for your mistakes, and puts you on the fast-track to a higher skill level.

All of that is GREAT for you, but how about for those “better players” who are playing with you? It does almost the OPPOSITE for them – playing with you keeps them from having to play at the top of their ability, keeps them from paying for their mistakes, and keeps them from improving their skill level as quickly. But everyone’s gotta start from somewhere, and even the best players in the world were beginners at one point.

The culture of pickleball has always been very welcoming and inclusive of new players, but as you become more intent on improving your game, you DON’T always want to play with less-experienced players. So the question is: as a newer player, how can you graciously get to play with better players so as to improve your game? And as a better player, how do you “remember your roots” and play with lower-level players, and when is it fair to ask them to step aside so you can get a higher-level play?

Here are some general pickleball etiquette guidelines, which address these questions and more.

When you want to play with opponents who are STRONGER than you are:
•Politely ask if they mind you joining, and give them an out. For example, “Do you all mind if I get a game in with you, or would you rather play on your own?”
•Ask at the beginning or end of the day, when they are warming up or cooling down. DON’T go when they are in the midst of a streak of higher-level play.
•If you do approach them in the midst of higher-level play, ask “Hey, do you mind if I get a game in with you all before you quit today?” so that they can continue playing another few games, but will hopefully commit to playing with you.
•If they do play a few games with you at the beginning of the day, be conscientious about giving them a chance to play with other higher-level players. Let them KNOW that you’re being conscientious, so that they will be more likely to want to play with you again in the future. You might say, “Hey, I see you can get a good game in against those guys, I’ll sit this one out and maybe we can play again later if you have a chance.”

•If you ask a stronger player to join a game with you, HIT TO THEM! Especially in a recreational game, no one likes to sit on a court watching their partner hit all the balls. The higher level player is doing you a favor by playing with you, so hit the ball to them at least half the time. It will make you a better player, make it more fun for them and make it more likely that they will play with you again next time.
•Don’t be obnoxious if you beat a stronger player in recreational play. We all play our best when we play with better players. When we play with weaker players, it can be challenging to stay focused, so remember that they may not be playing at the top of their game. (Or, if your opponents read the rest of this article, they may be focusing on improving their own shots, rather than on winning.)
•If they give you feedback on your game, have an open mind and be appreciate of them taking the time to play and help you.

When you agree to play with opponents who are WEAKER than you are:
•Remember, someone took you under their wing when you first started playing, so pay it forward and make a point to regularly play with players who are weaker than you. Perhaps you regularly play a warmup game with them, or once a week you decide to dedicate the last half of your play to playing with them.
•If players ask to play with you, and you opt to play a higher-level game, let them know when you WOULD be willing to play, perhaps later in the day, or later in the week.
•When you do play, let them know in advance how long you’re planning to play, you might say, “I’d love to play with you all for a game or two, but then I’d like to get in with those other players.”
•Don’t be patronizing — or overly aggressive. Instead of focusing on who wins or loses, find a way to make it challenging for yourself. Pick a shot you want to improve upon and focus on hitting that shot. Or, try to reduce your number of unforced errors. Focus on keeping the ball in play rather than slamming every put-away shot.
•If you notice something they could be doing better, give them feedback on one aspect of their game during the play. Giving them too many pointers can overwhelm them. Plus, they’re probably already a little nervous about playing with or against you, so don’t be too critical. After the game if you want to give them more background info on your pointer, or give them one additional pointer, go ahead.

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Pickleball Open House is in the Books

The Open House was a great success! We had 38 new people join us on Saturday, August 15, and 32 more on Sunday the 16th. Even with the heat, everyone seemed to have a good time. We offered a little training and then got them on the court to play which is the best way to learn. We also had some exhibition games featuring some of the best players in the Albuquerque area going on for them to watch. Most of the people attending said they looked forward to playing again. In our brochure, we indicate that we now have over 16 venues for people at all levels to play and they can go to our web site to find out times when the venues are available. The growth of Pickleball would not be possible without support of both the City and the County. Thanks to everyone who participated in this fun event.

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