The ABQ Pickleball Club is our club – for you and managed by you!
• All Pickleball players in the Albuquerque area are considered to be members of the club unless they opt out.
• The Albuquerque Pickleball Club (APC) is a “bottom-up” organization where the players at each indoor playing venue selects a “Venue Coordinator” who then serves as the venue representative on the APC Managing Council (MC). The MC then selects the Executive Team (ET), comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and an At-Large member, to run the day-to-day operations of the APC. The Managing Council may make changes to the ET at any time.
• The APC is part of the 501 (c) 3 non-profit NM Senior Sports Foundation.
• The goals of the APC remain the same as they’ve always been: be welcoming to all levels of players, promote and publicize Pickleball, encourage the development of new facilities, retain and expand the use of current facilities, provide the necessary equipment, encourage new players to learn and participate (via open houses, learning nets, etc.), increase club activities (leagues, fun tournaments, activities with other clubs (eg. Angel Fire), etc.), and run tournaments (e.g., NM Games this September, continuing Senior Affairs tournaments).
• Information about the APC and Pickleball play in the Albuquerque area may be found on the APC web site, ABQPickleball.com
• Through the excellent collaboration we have with city and county officials, we now have 16 indoor venues. We have also increased outdoor facilities by relining Los Altos and lining tennis courts at Hoffman, Montgomery, Eagle Ranch, Rinconada and Las Barelas, and are currently working with the county to line courts at North Domingo Baca. City Parks and Recreation has agreed to leave a net at the horseshoe pits (check out at Jerry Kline) for anyone who does not have a net to use. We have coordinated signage with Albuquerque Parks and Recreation for tennis players to avoid pickleball lined courts unless all others are taken at Montgomery and Las Barelas Parks.
• Our partnership with the City and several schools allowed us to expand use of schools in the summer including Roosevelt Middle School, and during the school year at McKinley Middle School, Eisenhower Middle School, Roosevelt Middle School (increased hours), LBJ Middle School and Hoover Middle School.
• Our partnership with County community services expanded use of Cesar Chavez to 4 days a week, Los Vecinos to 3 days, Raymond G. Sanchez to include mornings, and expanded time at Paradise Community Center to include Wednesday evening. We also added Los Duranes Community Center and Las Barelas.
• Play schedules for indoor and outdoor venues may be found under a tab on the ABQPickleball.com web site.

• The APC has worked with the Senior Affairs and NM games and obtained additional portable nets and replacement nets. NM games provided some additional outside balls as well. Worked with the county and Los Vecinos and Raymond G Sanchez provide nets for pickleball, Paradise Hills is probably going to purchase nets as well.
• The APC in January approved the purchase of outdoor balls, which are being distributed to outdoor venues.
• Thanks to some generous donations, we were able to buy indoor balls.
• We were also successful in obtaining a grant from the NM Senior Sports Foundation for $436, which was used for additional equipment.

• Active play increased new player participation by over one hundred and fifty percent over the last couple years.
• There were two advertised learning Pickleball days at Manzano Mesa, and two at Los Altos. The sessions at Los Altos was advertised in the newspaper and had over 60 people coming to see what Pickleball is all about.
• APC members assisted El Dorado High School getting Pickleball in their PE department, demonstrated to teachers (special education) at Manzano High School and worked with Mission Elementary.
• Through the Pickleball Training staff headed by Ray and Renee Padilla, additional introductions to Pickleball were held around the area and included sessions with the Wounded Warriors program. These training sessions are an excellent introduction to the sport of Pickleball!
• The APC has worked with senior affairs to run 6 tournaments over the past three years and has organized pickleball in the NM games.
• The APC has also supported the creation of permanent pickleball courts at the Manzano Mesa complex, open houses and tournaments and included presentations to the city council, local newspapers, and television.
• An open house is scheduled for late August 2015 at Los Altos courts to be coordinated with Albuquerque Parks and Recreation.
The outlook for Pickleball looks very promising. Just like the growth in the sport nationwide, the number of players and venues in the Albuquerque area continues to grow. The Albuquerque Pickleball Club has made some changes to be more responsive and inclusive of players at all levels of play and we have excellent support from City and County staffs and the NM Senior Sports Foundation. We all look forward to continue growing the sport for recreational and competitive players alike. We welcome everyone to come join us on the courts!

2 Responses to Home

  1. Jamie Garcia says:

    Oh! What a pleasant surprise! It looks like I won the logo design competition :-) I’m so excited that it worked for the club :-)
    Thanks and see you all on the courts! :-)

    • Robert Ashmore says:

      Great logo! It is a great symbol for the club and should serve us well for a long time!

      Thanks Jamie!

      Bob Ashmore

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