January Compete and Meet Tournament

​All who wish to play in the Compete and Meet Tournament at Manzano Mesa ​Multi​generational Center and Roosevelt Middle School can now register. Download your registration form here. Additionally, forms will be available at Senior Affairs facilities next week. This tournament is skill​-​based and we plan to use pool play followed by single elimination (space permitting). For questions send to ruthergary@aol.com or call Gary R at​ 505-507-3663.

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Net Available at Los Altos

The club has worked with Albuquerque Parks and Recreation and now has a net for those who wish to use it, stored at the shed by the horseshoe pits at Los Altos tennis courts. You will have to show ID to get the key at Jerry Kline Tennis Center (Louisiana @ I-40), and be sure to return the net to the shed (and lock up) and return the key to Jerry Kline by 5 PM each day it is used. Bring your own paddles and balls. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Gary at 505-507-3663 or email ruthergary@aol.com.

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Vote before November 30

​In accordance with the approved bylaws, voting is now open until November 30 for the next officers for the ABQ Pickleball Club. The ABQ Pickleball Club election committee has received several candidates for the Board positions. The membership has until the end of November to vote on the respective candidates for office. Each pickleball player in Albuquerque and its surrounding areas is eligible for membership, and is allowed to vote in this election. One vote per member. Voting can be done in one of three ways. First, ​a ballot​ has been sent via email to the current general email list​, ​which may be emailed back. Second, the venue coordinators have paper ​ballots that can be filled out by those who do not have emails. Third, ballots can be accessed here.

Votes will be tabulated from all responses by the election committee on December 1st. There are no proposed changes to the bylaws in this election. The majority of seats are unopposed, with the exception of the at-large positions. In that instance, there are five candidates for two positions​ ​(one is a two​-​year position and one a one​-​year position). Please vote for two. The two candidates with the most votes will be selected. The candidate with the most votes will have first choice of whether to fill the office for one or two years.

The current Board will leave office on January 1st at which time the Club​’​s next Board​’​s duties will commence. Note that the election does not have balloting for those who wish to be venue coordinators. Venue coordinators should be selected at their venues prior to January 1st.

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Albuquerque City Council meeting

If you haven’t seen the Albuquerque Journal article on page one, November 18, check it out. Our ​Pickleball group was mentioned several times in the article and most impressive was the paragraph that stated “Councilors didn’t commit themselves to the idea, but they added pickleball to the bond resolution as a possible beneficiary of the money.” Don Harris sponsored the idea and it won approval on a 5-4 vote.
Harris joined Trudy Jones, Isaac Benton, Ray Garduno, and Diane ​G​ibson in favor. Opposed were Ken Sanchez, Brad Winter, Pena and Lewis.

Next, I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to those brave souls for getting up and speaking (rapidly) within the 2 minute time frame allotted during the open comments period last night at the city council meeting: Gopal R, Gary R, Lou, Judy A, Marty N, Joyce H, and myself. You all did a great job in promoting the sport of PB to the council and hopefully throughout the community.

The reason we were at the city council meeting was that Linda V received a phone call last Thursday from Councilor Harris office asking if we ​could do a presentation on Pickleball Monday evening at the City Council meeting. She had scheduled to go out of town to play in a ​Pickleball tournament already and asked us if we could step up to the plate and we stepped in with both feet.

We scrambled together to put some information out for the councilors to see what ​Pickleball is all about​. Wwe were able to show a clip from Brian Williams, host of NBC on the explosion of more than 300,000 people now playing the sport of ​Pickleball around the country, that it is for all ages, one can learn the basics and start playing the game in an hour or less, and that we are experiencing a fast growth of interest in Albuquerque as many of you are seeing at the venues you attend. We also gave each councilor a packet containing information about ​​Pickleball and photos of a variety of age groups playing.

Nobody likes to sit around and wait for long to play, or after winning a match (4 on and 4 off) have to sit down again or possibly have to play less than a full game of 11 points. These are some of the reasons that we need everyone’s support for the future of ​Pickleball in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas to have a permanent ​Pickleball facility.

Also, I wanted to thank personally all those that attended last night’s city council meeting to support our cause and wear ​Pickleball shirts: Virgie and her little sister Britney, Jenni and Mike, Nabil, John Novak, Anthony, Jim and Susan Forgham, and Ram.

Lastly, going forward, I believe we are making inroads with the city, parks and rec, senior affairs and other key people including the mayor and his wife that PICKLEBALL is here to stay and be played at all ages.

If you aare an Albuquerque resident, please write to those councilors mentioned above in supporting the Bond Resolution to include possible funding for ​​Pickleball. Your comments to them would also go a long way in showing we appreciate their vote for us.

Thank you again,

Larry Lite

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Cesar Chavez – additional session

Due to the demand for 3.5 and up play, Cesar Chavez will now have 3.5 and up play on Monday 9:30-11:30 and additionally on Tuesday from 9:00-11:00 (note time is slightly different). Records for those days will be kept, but procedures are change partners each game, and it is drop-in, come any day, miss any day. The new addition of Tuesday starts next week (11/18).

Wednesday will remain up to 3.0 (similar record keeping as Monday/Tuesday)9:30-11:30. Friday is open play 9:30-11:30.

On both Wednesday and Friday one net will typically be open for learning and drilling.

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Passing of a New Mexico pickleballer

It is with heavy hearts that we ​share the news that ​Bruce Tobin, one of our Santa Fe Pickleball Ambassadors, died in his sleep last night​.

We send our condolences to the family and friends of Bruce. We are truly sorry for your loss.

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Community Pride – Adopt-a-Park cleanup

A BIG THANK YOU goes put to all 17 pickleball players that helped in the first clean up of Los Altos Park. Especially thanks to those who came out (3) to help and who don’t even play outdoors!!!

We worked for 1.5 hours and did a great job in trimming, sweeping, fixing the fence line and picking up trash on the courts, the playground and the area surrounding the playground. Some also sifted sand and that may turn out to be on ongoing project.

Thanks for all your hard work. Thanks for bringing out equipment. And thanks for such good attitudes!

Here are some pics to show we really did work! Missing form the group pic are Larry, Lisa and Linda V.




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