Bernalillo County NM Senior Olympics qualifier

Bernalillo County NM Senior Olympics qualifying tournament schedule, March 27 and 28. Please be prepared to help referee when you are not playing. Scheduled times (except for initial start times​ ​9am,​ ​3pm) include time to register.

Friday: 3 PM all singles
5 PM. 65+ mens/womens/and mixed doubles

Saturday: 9 am Mens 55-59 doubles
60-64 doubles
9​:​45 am womens 55-59 doubles
10​:​15 am womens 60-64 doubles
11​:​00 am everyone else (mixed under 65)

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New Venue – Barelas Community Center

Indoor pickleball will be starting at Barelas Community Center soon. Regular schedule will be Wednesdays and Fridays 9 to 11:00. We will also have 2 outdoor courts available if you bring your own net 7 days a week on a first come basis. If you’re traveling toward the ABQ zoo turn left to 8th street, then turn left on Stover or Iron and then right on 7th, go about a block from the Barelas Senior Center. Parking at the north side of Gym, the tennis courts and the Senior center. There is also parking in the front at 801 Barelas the front side of the building. Barelas Community Center, 801 Barelas Rd. SW 87102, Atlantic Ave. & 8th St. Phone: (505) 848-1343.


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Eisenhower pickleball

Eisenhower M.S. will be closed for the next four weeks for pickleball on Monday nights. Something to the floor is being done. Once upon our return, we will have to re-tape the courts.

Eisenhower will be closed from March 23 – April 13. Enjoy pickleball at the other sites.

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What about that horizontal bar on the portable nets?

New Rule: February 21, 2011
The following paragraph regarding portable net systems that have a horizontal bar that spans the distance between the net posts has been added to the official rules. Examples of such systems are shown on this page including the USAPA Portable Net System.
12.J.5. When net systems have a horizontal bar that may include a center base: If the ball hits the horizontal bar or the center base before going over the net, it is a fault. If the ball goes over the net and then hits the horizontal bar, the ball is still in play. If the ball goes over the net and then hits center base or the ball gets caught between the net and the horizontal bar before touching the court, it is a let and must be replayed.

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ABQ Pickleball Forum

Some of you have been asking for a means of making comments to the community about the current and future state of the ABQ Pickleball Club. We have developed a web blog for that purpose. Check out to make comments and review what others have written.

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Raymond G. Sanchez additional pickleball session

We were just informed that we could have additional time at Raymond Sanchez for pickle ball play. Effective March 14, we now also have Thursday afternoon for open play. the new schedule is:

Tuesday 1-3:00pm

Wednesday 9-11:00 and 1-3:00pm although there is nothing scheduled between sessions

Thursday 9-11:00 and 1-3:00pm with again nothing between sessions

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President’s Message

To the ABQ Pickleball community,
I am sure many of you are wondering what the current status is of the ABQ Pickleball Club board.
I will be making an announcement within the next week of the new board positions that have been filled. The secretarial position is still open.  If you are interested in this position, please contact me.
Thank you for your patience during this time.
Larry Lite – President
ABQ Pickleball Club
505-331-2014 cell

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