New Feature on Our Website – Partner Search

We have added a Partner Search feature to our website so people who are looking for partners to play in upcoming tournaments can find each other. Just go to our Tournaments page and follow the link for Partner Search or click here.

If you want your search to appear on the website, send an email to or leave a comment on the Partner Search page.

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National Senior Games 2015 Minneapolis

Albuquerque and New Mexico were well represented at the 2015 National Senior Games in Minneapolis. Congratulations to all those dedicated pickleball athletes, families and supporters who made the trip and participated in the National Games. If you are interested in the results, go to, locate the 2015 National Senior Games, click on ‘Show Results,’ and you will find all the gold through bronze medal winners. If you click on any link under the event and age group, you can see all the brackets and finishers. Have fun with this site, and congratulations again to all who participated.

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Mini-Tournament July 18



The ABQ Pickleball Club “Mini” tournament was a great success!

The Mini tournament held at Los Altos yesterday (7/18) turned out great. We had 40 players participate in three levels of play. Each level played in pools with each player playing 2 games with every other player in the pool. Total points from the pool were then used to place players in a second pool which then determined the winners. Leslie’s idea was to have ties broken by serving into a hula hoop. This is harder than it looks. Each player played in 12 games total by the time the tournament was completed. The weather was perfect and all play concluded by 12:30. It helped having 10 courts in play so that everyone was playing at the same time. Everyone seemed to enjoy the format and have a great time!

I would like to congratulate everyone for all their work, which made the ABQ Pickleball Club’s first mini-tournament such an outstanding success.  We have already received emails of thanks from both our out of town guests and local participants.  A lot of work went into this tournament that was expected to be a small tournament, but grew to 40 players, with 8 coming from out-of-town, (Santa Fe, Angel Fire, Las Cruces, and Silver City). The tournament also drew lots of spectators who seemed to enjoy watching the fun, some seeing pickleball for the first time. As the feedback was extremely positive, you can expect to see 2-3 more of this type of tournament throughout the next year.

Special thanks to Albert, Ray, and all the others who arrived early to help put up the nets, set up tables, and contribute snacks.  Also thanks to the work of Gary Rutherford, Leslie Sedillo, and Joyce Helgeson who were the prime planners and organizers.  Thanks also to all who played.

Congratulations to the finalists who were:



Chowdee – gold

Michelle Cik – silver

Paul Campos – bronze



Jeff Mandel – gold

Angie Sullivan (Las Cruces) – silver

John Sanks – bronze



Robert Hennessey – gold

Steve Paull –  silver

Jim McPherson (Angel Fire) – bronze



Lost and found:  silver water bottle and sunglasses. email Gary,



Bob Ashmore, President ABQ Pickleball Club

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Two Pickleball Clubs?

From the ABQ Pickleball Club:

We are receiving queries from some players who are confused or unaware that a new pickleball club has split off from the original ABQ Pickleball Club and that this new club (NM Pickleball Association – Albuquerque Chapter) is asking them for $20 / year in membership dues.  We are writing this email to clarify that this is a separate club not associated with ABQ Pickleball Club, although dual membership is an option. 

ABQ Pickleball Club has no dues, and because of generous donations we do not anticipate dues in the near future. The ABQ Pickleball Club (APC) considers all pickleball players in the area to be members. Thanks to all of you, we have regrouped, reenergized and have a very exciting and fun pickleball agenda for this year. With your active participation, we have also refined our bylaws and put in systems and procedures that will help our club grow and provide a nurturing, democratic Club environment. This will allow us to continue to play pickleball at various venues. We hope to adopt the new bylaws soon and elect new officers before the end of the year. We consider all pickleball players members unless they opt out. 

At this time, there are no annual dues to belong to the APC. We use the APC email list as the membership list, and we will be seeking to refresh the list once the indoor venues open up again when the new school year starts. We will conduct tournaments, have activities such as leagues, mini-tournaments (including other clubs), have pickleball open houses, work toward obtaining more venues and equipment, as well as having discounts from pickleball suppliers. We are managing the pickleball portion of the NM Games and have had that tournament sanctioned by the USAPA.  We are in full support of the Manzano Mesa Permanent Pickleball Courts that have been approved by the city council. 

We are doing everything we can to keep costs down so that we do not have to charge annual fees to belong to the ABQ Pickleball Club.  Our current philosophy is that monies should be used for the necessary equipment and venues. Tournaments and training should be provided, but the costs, however minimal, should be borne by the users, not the club at large.

We in the APC will do everything we can to meet your pickleball needs and be responsive to your concerns.

As mentioned earlier, we will be updating our membership list starting in August. The Venue Coordinators will be getting contact information from each of you so we can keep you in touch with what is happening as it pertains to pickleball. Under the new APC structure, the body of Venue Coordinators serves as the Managing Council (MC) for the APC. If you would be interested in serving on this body, each venue will be selecting a venue coordinator by the end of September to represent them on the MC for the next year. If you would be interested in serving on the MC, please talk to the other players at your primary venue and submit your name for consideration to the existing Venue Coordinator. If you are interested, get involved.

See you on the courts,

Bob Ashmore, President

and the rest of the Executive Team:

Gopal Rao, Vice President

Dale Reynolds, Webmaster and Secretary

Gretchen Denman, Treasurer

Gary Rutherford, Community Outreach

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NM Games – USAPA Sanctioned!

The ABQ Pickleball Club is pleased to announce that our application to make the upcoming NM Games (Sept 18-20) in Albuquerque,  a ‘USAPA Sanctioned Event’ , has been approved by USAPA.  This is a very positive reflection of our Club,  people, and  programs.  With your help, we look forward to  successful and fun games.

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VIVA Spain

Mary and Melody have returned from their visit to Spain for the VIVA Spain pickleball tour and tournament. They got a chance to play with people from all over, take instruction from experts, and see some of the sights. Watch for more tours or go to for information.

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Ventana Ranch Park – now open for Pickleball

Play under the lights at the newest Tennis Complex (with 8 pickleball courts) on the West Side at Ventana Ranch Park on Universe north of Paseo del Norte. This new facility was dedicated by Mayor Richard Berry and Councilman Dan Lewis on July 2 before a crowd of tennis and pickleball enthusiasts. After the dedication, groups of pickleballers put on several demonstration games.

Mayor Berry speaking to the crowd

Mayor Berry speaking to the crowd

Councilor Lewis with some of the players

Councilor Lewis with some of the players

The inaugural pickleball serve with Mayor Berry

The inaugural pickleball serve with Mayor Berry

Demonstration game on the new pickleball courts

Demonstration game on the new pickleball courts

Demonstration game on the new pickleball courts

Demonstration game on the new pickleball courts

Demonstration game on the new pickleball courts

Demonstration game on the new pickleball courts

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