January Arizona Tournaments

Congratulations to the following New Mexico medal winners and participants in the following January Pickleball tournaments in Arizona.

Tucson Senior Olympics (Jan 12-15):

Linda Valencia and Robyn Chiappini: Bronze, 3.5, WD

Surprise Courts Fundraiser (Jan 16-18):

Christine McGrath: Gold, 5.0, WD

Happy Trails (Jan 19-23):

Roxanne Pierce: Silver, 5.0, 50+, MXD
Roxanne Pierce: Bronze, 5.0 50+, WD
Judy Aron and Virgie Henderson: Silver, 4.0, 65+ WD
Larry Lite: Bronze, 4.0 65+, MD

Other participants were Micheline and Dennis Runyan, Dee and Tom Rios, Marty Novak

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Tournament Results

Thanks to all those who helped in the tournament in so many ways, food, endless reffing, desk work, cleanup, bracketing, etc. Well done! Those I talked to from out of town and playing in the tournament were very appreciative of your work. Special thanks to several folks who did a lot of extra work, (I am sure I am missing some people, many in the opposite venue from the one I was in) especially Gretchen, Dale, Anthony G, Shirley, Albert, John C, Penny F, Lisa, Ram, Mo, Jim and Susan, Lou, Joe and Linda, Rich and Ann, Nabil, and Christine. Congratulations to all who played in the tournament. The medal winners were:

Men 3.0
Gold: Jonathan Grassmick
Silver: Jim Garrison
Bronze: Henry Garland

Men 3.5
Gold: Kurt Kunzler
Silver: Marcos Martinez
Bronze: Tony Teague

Men 4.0
Gold: Ray Dobbins
Silver: Ram Pereyra

Men 4.5
Gold: Richie Spangler

Women 2.5
Gold: Roz Garland
Silver: Danae Blackburn
Bronze: Melissa Grassmick

Women 3.5
Gold: Amy Lurix
Silver: Victoria Seale
Bronze: Vickie Lindner

Women 4.0
Gold: Suzie Bemis


Womens 2.5
Gold: Linda Montoya, Margie Allen
Silver: Graceanne Holder, Roz Garland
Bronze: Melissa Grazmick

Womens 3.0
Gold: Judy Griffin, Nancy Hooker
Silver: Penny Dever-Reynolds, Mo Wright
Bronze: Racy Bowersox, Corby Chavez

Womens 3.5
Gold: Leslie Sedillo, Christine Wantuck
Silver: Gretchen Denman, Jamie Elliot
Bronze: Mandy Miranda, Jan Morris

Women 4.0
Gold: Jenny Adams, Sandy Salm
Silver: Doris Corrales, Suzie Bemis
Bronze: Elizabeth Armijo, Victoria Seale

Women 4.5
Gold: Nancy Kane, Ann Peterson
Silver: Penny Forgette, Susan Burns

Men 3.0
Gold: Fred Grahn, Shelby Hallmark
Silver: Henry Garland, Jonathan Grassmick
Bronze: John Kimbrough, Ron Abramshe

Mens 3.5
Gold: Alvin Bourke, Hector Lugo
Silver: Phillip Martinez, Marcos Martinez
Bronze: Kyle Kunzler, Kurt Kunzler

Men 4.0
Gold: Ram Pereyra, Larry Lite
Silver: Ray Dobbins, Chris Burton
Bronze: Rick Hooker, Bud Schwartz

Mens 4.5
Gold: Rich Peterson, Nabil Merhi
Silver: Richie Spangler, Lou Salm


Mixed 2.5
Gold: Roz Garland, Henry Garland
Silver: Donna Crawford, James Crawford
Bronze: Shelley Majsterek, David Majsterek

Mixed 3.0
Gold: Marjie Allen, Gregory Coon
Silver: Melissa Grassmick, Jonathan Grassmick
Bronze: Kathy Kloos, Bud Schwartz

Mixed 3.5
Gold: Kelly Hennessey, Ray Thomas
Silver: Susan Burns, Gary Burns
Bronze: Margie Brown, Alvin Bourke

Mixed 4.0
Gold: Suzie Bemis, Gopal Rao
Silver: Jane Jennings, Adam Seitchik
Bronze: Sandy Salm, Lou Salm

4.5 mixed
Gold: Nancy Kane, Nabil Merhi
Silver: Ann Peterson, Rich Peterson
Bronze: Penny Forgette, Gary Rutherford

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Tournament Lost and Found

​Two clothing items were found at the end of the tournament at Roosevelt:

1. A grayish hooded lined jacket made by Dravus. There is an insignia on the front. I think it’s DRVS.
2. A black and gray light weight zippered jacket with hood. The tag on the inside says CIRCO.


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Protect Your Health

Now that flu season is on us, please be extra careful to prevent spreading those germs. Wash hands often, avoid crowds, and take care of yourself if you or yours don’t feel well. All your pickleball friends will understand if you have to miss a session or two in order to keep from spreading the flu around.

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Albuquerque news on USAPA site

The news about the 12 new pickleball courts at Manzano Mesa is on the news section of the USAPA website at
http://www.usapa.org/city-of-albuquerque-to-build-12-court-facility/. Click here to view the press release issued on December 22, 2014 about this exciting project.

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Meet The ABQ Pickleball Club 2015 Board

The ABQ Pickleball Club 2015 Board
Left to right: Larry Lite, President (Larry’s Bio); Dale Reynolds, Secretary (Dale’s bio); Gary Rutherford, Past President (Gary’s Bio); Linda Valencia, Vice President (Linda’s Bio), Mandy Miranda, Member At-Large (Mandy’s Bio); Gretchen Denman, Treasurer (Gretchen’s Bio); Joyce Montoya-Helgesen, Member At-Large (Joyce’s Bio)

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Net Available at Los Altos

The club has worked with Albuquerque Parks and Recreation and now has a net for those who wish to use it, stored at the shed by the horseshoe pits at Los Altos tennis courts. You will have to show ID to get the key at Jerry Kline Tennis Center (Louisiana @ I-40), and be sure to return the net to the shed (and lock up) and return the key to Jerry Kline by 5 PM each day it is used. Bring your own paddles and balls. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Gary at 505-507-3663 or email ruthergary@aol.com.

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