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Need male partner in mixed doubles for senior olympics in July. 60- 64.
4.0 . Nancy Shibley.


Need partners for men’s and mixed doubles at the 3.0 level but I’m pretty sure I could also play at the 3.5 level. Dennis Dailey,


Playing all three events at the NM Games. Need partners for the 3.0 mixed and mens. Please contact me! Philip Pickard,


Are you a 4.5 woman looking for a coed partner in the June NM games, let me know. I’d be interested, thanks much. R. HENNESSEY,


I’m looking for a female pickleball partner for the upcoming Senior Olympics. My age group is 75+, but I could play down.
Thanks,Laura Kayser, 505 203 2670,

I am looking for a woman’s double partner, age 65-69, for New Mexico Senior Olympics. I play indoors in Belen and outdoors at Jubilee in Los Lunas. I have played at Cesar Chavez before and in the dink tournament. I am a 3.0/3.5. Thank you. Shelley Majsterek,

I am looking for a male partner for the state games in July in Alb. 65 – 69 age group, 4.0 skill level. Thanks, Rick Hooker


13 Responses to Partner Search

  1. Sharon Lurix says:

    Need a female, 70-74 for July Senior Olympics. thanks.

  2. Dave Majsterek says:

    70-74 age group for Female doubles partner for Dave Majsterek

  3. Dave Majsterek says:

    Need a doubles woman partner for upcoming NMSO in July. 3/3.5
    Thanks Dave.

  4. Debbie Monceballez says:

    Need female partner for April tournament and maybe senior Olympics age 50-54, skill level 3.0/3.5 thx

  5. Debbie Monceballez says:

    I need a female partner for the April tournament and maybe the Senior Olympics. Age 50- 54 years old and 3.0/3.5 skill level. Thx

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a female partner now. Thanks, Rick Hooker

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have a partner for the state games. Thanks. Rick Hooker

  8. Ray Thomas says:

    Billy, if you would like to play in the April tournament, get a hold of me soon.

  9. Ray Thomas says:

    Need a mixed partner for April skills & Senior olympics. Prefer 4.0 but not necessary, 70 division.

  10. Albert Chavez says:

    Need female partner to play mixed doubles for the April tournament 4.0 age 60-65.

  11. Rick Hooker says:

    I have a male partner for the tournament.
    Still needing a female partner 65-69 age group. I am a 4.0 player. Tournament is in July in Alb.
    Rick Hooker

  12. billy weinman says:

    Anyone out there interested in a pball partner from Mountainair. I’m around 4.0 and 65 years of age, male, and pretty friendly. Avid about the game.

  13. Edward “Eddie” Enriquez says:


    I am looking for a partner to play games with. I’m new to the game. Been playing for about 3 weeks. Been told I’m a 3.0 player. I need work but willing to learn.

    Will play with anybody, any age.

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