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  1. Edward “Eddie” Enriquez says:


    I am looking for a partner to play games with. I’m new to the game. Been playing for about 3 weeks. Been told I’m a 3.0 player. I need work but willing to learn.

    Will play with anybody, any age.

  2. billy weinman says:

    Anyone out there interested in a pball partner from Mountainair. I’m around 4.0 and 65 years of age, male, and pretty friendly. Avid about the game.

  3. Rick Hooker says:

    I have a male partner for the tournament.
    Still needing a female partner 65-69 age group. I am a 4.0 player. Tournament is in July in Alb.
    Rick Hooker

  4. Albert Chavez says:

    Need female partner to play mixed doubles for the April tournament 4.0 age 60-65.

  5. Ray Thomas says:

    Need a mixed partner for April skills & Senior olympics. Prefer 4.0 but not necessary, 70 division.

  6. Ray Thomas says:

    Billy, if you would like to play in the April tournament, get a hold of me soon.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have a partner for the state games. Thanks. Rick Hooker

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have a female partner now. Thanks, Rick Hooker

  9. Debbie Monceballez says:

    I need a female partner for the April tournament and maybe the Senior Olympics. Age 50- 54 years old and 3.0/3.5 skill level. Thx

  10. Debbie Monceballez says:

    Need female partner for April tournament and maybe senior Olympics age 50-54, skill level 3.0/3.5 thx

  11. Dave Majsterek says:

    Need a doubles woman partner for upcoming NMSO in July. 3/3.5
    Thanks Dave.

  12. Dave Majsterek says:

    70-74 age group for Female doubles partner for Dave Majsterek

  13. Sharon Lurix says:

    Looking for a female 70-74 for the July NM State Senior Olympics.

  14. Sharon Lurix says:

    Need a female, 70-74 for July Senior Olympics. thanks.

  15. Ray Thomas says:

    Still need a 70 mixed partner for July olympics. Anyone? Anyone?

  16. Ray Thomas says:

    Any mixed partner for NM olympics, no matter what age division.

  17. Albert Chavez says:

    Need female partner for the senior Olympics in July. 65-69 age group 4.0 rating.

  18. Jim Buckley says:

    I am looking for a female partner 70-74 for the NM Games in early June – been playing for a little over a year but have little tourney experience. 2.5-3.0 player. Thanks

  19. Looking for male or female partner for Senior Olympics in July; 65-70, 3.5 skill level. 505 379-1015 (leave a message) or email Thank you! Pearl Maestas

  20. priscilla becenti says:

    Looking for mix doubles partner(male) New mexico Senior Olympics in July… age 65-69 skill level 3.5 (505)870-8224 (leave message) or email pbecenti@hotmail,com

  21. BILLY WEINMAN says:

    Hey, looking for a men’s doubles partner 65-69 for State Senior Olympics in July. I’m a 3.5 to 4.0 player and pretty easy to get along with!

  22. Sue Leach says:

    In 50-54 category. Ranked 4.0 in doubles & 4.5 in singles. Looking for a women’s doubles partner and mixed doubles partner for the Senior Olympics in July.
    Tel: 252-702-9547

  23. Ray Thomas says:

    Need 3.5 mixed partner for Angel Fire tournament.

  24. Ray Thomas says:

    Mixed partner correction…4.0 for Angel Fire.

  25. Ray Thomas says:

    Have mixed partner but need men’s doubles for Angel Fire 4.0 or less.

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