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Name: Stephanie McDonald
Phone: 719-395-8382

I am an ambassador in Buena Vista, CO. I am trying to help one of our club members find a partner for the Beat the Heat tournament in Angel Fire Sept. 16-17. John is 39 years old, right-handed, very athletic and very quick, and a genuinely nice guy! He’s looking for a 4.0 female (preferably USAPA-rated) to partner with him for mixed doubles. If there’s anyone in your club that might be interested, please have them contact me! Thanks!


I’m looking for a female partner for nm games. I’m not occasionally..peers say I’m a good 3.5/or a low 4. Thanks, Judy Fleischman,


One Response to Partner Search

  1. Ray Thomas says:

    I need a MXD partner for Durango Tournament, June 25. 65+ 4.0. Deadline June 14.

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