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If you are interested in learning the game or improving your skills, please submit the form below.


Joey Farias will be in Las Cruces on February 23, 2020 offering clinics at Apodaca Park. Clinic costs are $50 per person. Please use the sign up genius link below to reserve a spot. If you have any questions or interested in a private lesson or small private group you can contact me at

Sign up for the clinics using this link:

2020 Farias las cruces clinics


Pickleball Rules
Local Pickleball Training
Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center (MMMC) Pickleball Training
ABQ Pickleball Club Strategy Training
Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101 and 102
Online Tips and Training


Pickleball Rules

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USAPA-Rulebook 2020

Official USAPA Scoresheets




The Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center (MMMC) Pickleball Training schedule is:

Pickleball Training is held indoors on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:15-11 AM, and Saturdays 12:30-2:50 PM.

If you are in doubt whether Pickleball Training is on, call MMMC 275-8731 the day of the scheduled training.

*** If you have an interest in providing Pickleball to others in one of our projects/programs and/or a completely new program and/or have contacts, please let us know. We welcome new programs and we can always use the help.

We also want to THANK you that have spread the word about Pickleball and Pickleball Training, brought out others and especially those for bringing out their kids and grandkids.

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Local Pickleball Training There are several pickleball learning and playing offerings included within the club, all of which are free: On the ABQ Pickleball homepage, check the on-line pickleball calendar for places to play. You are welcome at any venue, and the venue coordinator can give you information on training and assist in your learning the rules and training at that location. Paddles and balls are always available for free. Many (but not all) of the indoor venues will be closing for the summer.

The primary outdoor venues to learn pickleball are at Ventana Ranch (westside, weekday mornings) and Manzano Mesa (Eubank/Southern area). Maps to each are shown at here, as are the club hours. At Ventana Ranch ask for Kathy Baca or Margie Allen.

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ABQ Pickleball Club Strategy Training If you wish to receive tips, strategies and training while playing at your customary venue, please contact your venue coordinator or email expressing your interest. If you wish to help the training committee, please let us know. As with all our ABQ Pickleball Club functions, there is no charge for any of these offerings. Back to List


Doubles Pickleball Strategy 101 and 102

Here are a couple of videos giving some tips and strategies for playing doubles pickleball: Back to List


Online Tips and Training Here are a few websites that give some tips and pointers for improving your pickleball game. Some have videos to show strategies and techniques, some offer you subscriptions for continuing information, some present pointers from accomplished players. Try them out and see if you find anything helpful. Back to List