Referee Training


USAPA-IFP Referee Handbook 12-1-15 (Go to USAPA for more referee tools.)

Referee Quick Start Video

Official USAPA Scoresheets



ABQ Pickleball Club Referee Committee

Our goal is to provide four referee training sessions per year. These are open events, for anyone who wishes to learn or update their refereeing skills. Presenters will take you through basic preparation, how to complete the score sheet and the official USAPA Pickleball Rule Book, followed by the opportunity for mentored practice with real players.

This class will be hands-on to go over score keeping and game procedures. Anyone interested in refining their game skills or becoming a referee is encouraged to attend.

Please contact one of the committee members to indicate you would like to attend one of these classes, or fill out and submit the form below.
Penny Forgette at 505-270-7544,
Ron Farmer at 505-239-3662,
Nancy Lesicka at 505-710-0246,
Ken Lloyd at 505-918-6988,
Joe Martellaro at 505-899-6778,
Linda Martellaro at 505-382-2927,

If you are interested in or have questions aboutreferee training, contact Joe Martellaro at 505-899-6778. Or, complete this form: