Referee Training

Available Referee Practice: For those who want to practice reffing at the East-West games Sunday August 25 (8-10:30), email Gary ( While Referee training and certification is not required for these tournaments, if you would like to improve your skills or learn the process, please see the opportunity below. This would also be the first step for those who want to be USA Pickleball Association certified referees.

Calling all Pickleball players who are interested in referee training!

If you would like to begin the process to referee certification, or if you just want to be able to referee for rec. play, please prepare first by taking the 3 referee tests (player, line judge, & referee) online @ You will need to be a member of USA Pickleball & then log in. Go to the referee tests.

When you have passed all 3 tests, you are set for the training I’ll do August 19th @ Manzano Mesa. There is also a referee tutorial that will prepare you as well for the hands-on training.

When you have completed these criteria, please contact me & email me your passing grade for each test. I will know you are a serious candidate at this point!

I’ll arrange a training on August 19th with details following later.

Becoming a referee makes you a better player and it’s also great for your mind & focus!

Laura Smart 425-233-9082



USAPA-Rulebook 2021

Official USAPA 2021 Scoresheets