ABQ Pickleball Leagues

Due to the overwhelming interest in continuing with the Team Leagues, we are kicking off a Fall Season. Here are the standing after Week 2.

2018 3.5 Evening League Standings Week 2

2018 3.5 Morning League Standings Week 2

> First and foremost, this league is intended to be fun and competitive while supporting superb sportsmanship. We encourage sportsmanship over winning at all costs!
> USAPA rules apply to all matches (https://www.usapa.org/ifp-official-rules/)
> Recommend players to become USAPA members so an objective skill rating can be established when you play local or out of town tournaments, and can also be used to help determine your league skill level. Max cost is $20/yr. (https://www.usapa.org/usapa-membership/)
> League format will be explained in detail at captain’s meeting or you can call the League Coordinator for any questions whatsoever.
> To improve ABQ’s referee depth and experience, we will attempt to provide refs a forum to practice their skills. Therefore refs will be allowed to call matches when captains agree to it and refs are available.
> Team/player mentoring will be available on a pull basis.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

League Coordinator,
Stacie Barron