ABQ Pickleball Leagues


ABQ Pickleball Peeps!
The new Round Robin Leagues will kick-off next week at Manzano Mesa outdoor courts! You can check the ABQ Pickleball Club Shutterfly Calendar for details and ongoing information (https://abqpickleballers.shutterfly.com/calendar). 
There are two revisions to the previous League email:
1) Addition of a 3.0/3.5 Thursday Evening Round Robin League (per request).
2) Replacement of the 4.0 Wednesday Morning Team League with a Thursday Morning Round Robin League (per request/feedback – the day also changed so that the 4.0 evening and morning leagues do not fall on the same day).

Below is the final weekly schedule starting Tuesday, September 10th. Be sure to check start times as they vary from league to league.
Tuesday Morning 9-11am – 3.5. Round Robin League
Tuesday Evening 6-8pm – 2.5/3.0 Round Robin League
Wednesday Evening 6-8pm – 3.5/4.0 Round Robin League
Thursday Morning 8:30-10:30 2.5/3.0 Round Robin League
Thursday Morning 9:30-11:30am – 4.0 & 4.5/5.0 Round Robin League
Thursday Evening 6-8pm – 3.0/3.5 Round Robin League
1) Players must provide balls. Every player should show up with at least one outdoor ball*.
2) I will be at all the new leagues next week to explain the format and answer questions. I will also be asking for more coordinators for several of the time slots.
3) All Round Robin Leagues are drop-in which means there is no need to sign-up. Just show up by the start time on the days when you can play. There is no ongoing commitment.
4) Once coordinators are set, start times and other details can be revised by the group. Coordinator’s phone numbers will be available on the Shutterfly Calendar
5) SKILL LEVEL – in order to not “water down” any of the leagues and keep the play competitive and fun for everyone, please play at your skill level. If there is an uneven number of players at a particular skill level, the coordinators are welcome to pull in players from other courts and levels if they are available. This will be explained in more detail next week. But in general, players want both competitive games and to improve their skills, so we all want to play with the same level or better players. Please keep this in mind when you choose your skill level. And if you are at a higher level, feel free to play down in skill in order to mentor players (who want it) and give them an opportunity to experience higher level playing.
As always, feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Feel free to contact me via email (staciebarron@aol.com) or phone (915-373-8210) if you have any questions. And help spread the word to all your pickleball friends. Thank you!