Past Tournaments

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Past Tournaments
2021 Tournaments

September 10-12: Peak to Peak Pickleball Club tournament, Salida, CO

September 1-6, 2021: New Mexico Open Pickleball Tournament

August 20-22, 2021: NM Games Pickleball Tournament

August 15, 2021: 3rd Tag Team Tournament

July 25, 2021 East vs. West Pickleball Tournament Playoff

May 28-30, 2021: Northern Colorado “Super” Spring Classic
May 28-31, 2021: PRO Sports – Memorial Day Paddle Battle

May 23, 2021: ABQ Pickleball Club Free Spring Tournament



Peak to Peak Pickleball Club tournament, Salida, CO: Sept. 10-12, 2021 The Peak to Peak Pickleball Club will be hosting a tournament in Salida, CO on Sept. 10-12, 2021. We know pickleball players have an ever-increasing number of tournaments to choose from, and we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for player participants and their guests! We’ve chosen a round robin format to ensure plenty of play!


New Mexico Open – September 1-6, 2021 The New Mexico Open is a pro/amateur tournament, including 3.0-5.0 skill levels and Open Pro events. The tournament will also include Senior Open brackets. Rocky Mountain Pickleball and the New Mexico Open are excited to be a part of the Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) national tour. Event fees are $20 per amateur event and $100 per event for the Open Pro divisions. Junior event fees are $10 per event. Registration Dates
  • Open: 03/12/21
  • Closed: 08/15/21

Tournament Dates

  • Starts: 09/01/21
  • Ends: 09/06/21

Cancellation Dates

  • Cancellation Deadline: 07/02/21


Manzano Mesa Pickleball Center 501 Elizabeth Street SE Albuquerque


  • Player’s age as of: 12/31/21
  • Minimum Age of Player: 12
  • Final Registration Deadline (Registered by): 08/15/21
  • Tournament Sanctioning: Not Sanctioned
  • Minimum Registration fee: $60.00
  • Registration – $60.00
  • Registation Junior Players – $60.00
  • When registering online, online waiver signature is used.
  • Online payment via PayPal is available. PayPal also allows credit card payments.
  • Registration information

Additional Info

  • Primary Ball: Onix Dura Fast 40 – Yellow
  • Surface: Concrete
  • Net: Permanent
  • Outdoor: Y
  • Livestreaming: Y
  • Prize Money: 50000