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2022 Tournaments

Dink-a-Thon Playoff
Cesar Chavez Community Center - November 17, 2022

TheCongratulations to Raymond G Sanchez dink players!  In a perfect weather tournament (indoors), they defeated the Cesar Chavez dinkers in a hotly contested competition.  Well, maybe winning 21 matches to 11 matches isn't that hotly contested but many of the matches went down to the wire.  Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to Raymond G and their fearless venue coordinator leader, Eva: thanks for all your work.  Side note:  Cesar Chavez players are not taking this lightly and a revised challenge sent out to all the other indoor venues.   

Tag Team and Skinny Singles
Manzano Mesa Outdoor Courts, Albuquerque, NM
November 5, 2022

Congratulations to all that played in the Anything but Doubles Tournament on November 5th, a combination of tag team pickleball followed by skinny singles. Beautiful day for November pickleball for the 64 players.    

Congrats to the Westside team of Michael Giudicissi, Chelsey Russell, Andrea Rodgers and Ron Cavalier for taking the gold after a tough match with Jeannie Farmer, Tonnie Doose, Llad Mattie and Ulysses Puccetti.  

Congrats to Sandra Elliot for the women's skinny singles gold and Blair Dent for the silver.  

Congrats to Charles Modrich for men's skinny singles gold, and Doug Dent for the silver.

 ABQ Pickleball Club Roadrunner Food Bank Benefit Tournament
Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts
October 15, 2022 

Roadrunner Food Bank is sending everyone a hearty thanks for all the contributions made to the Roadrunner Food Bank. Collections from both Ventana Ranch players and those attending the Manzano Mesa Tournament totaled 776 lbs. of food, and what's more, folks and the Club donated over $1,400 cash to Roadrunner. Roadrunner Food Bank says the cash alone can help feed 4,200 people. Great work everyone.

It was a stellar day for pickleball players at the October 15th tournament: Perfect weather for the 62 women's double's players, 60 men's doubles players and 86 mixed double's players.  We saw fantastic play with a lot of close matches throughout the day. Special Thanks to the great group of volunteers who registered, checked-in people, and coordinated the tournament play.
 Cañon City Area Recreation and Park District’s Cañon City Classic Pickleball Tournament  
Rouse Park, Canon City, CO
Sept 3-4, 2022

Location of play: Rouse Park is host to six Pickleball courts in the South West corner of the park, however seating is extremely limited, so please bring your own chair. A food vendor will be available for the function. Please no glass bottles at this event. Parking is available in the large parking lot, adjacent to the softball fields at 1600 Park Ave. and the parking lot off Dewey Street.
 Senior Affairs Meet & Greet Tournament 
Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts
Sept 9-11, 2022 

The Albuquerque Meet and Greet Tournament had 3 days of excellent weather and great play.  Thanks to all the participants for putting on such excellent and fun games!  Special Thanks to all the volunteers who made everything possible.  To see the results go to, then past tournaments, and Albuquerque Meet and Greet.
 NM Games   
Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts
August 19-21, 2022

The NM Games Tournament was the largest event this year at the Manzano Mesa Courts! There were 274 participants.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate on Saturday and the doubles portion was rained out.  Thanks to all the volunteers, players, and spectators who made it happen. There were many close matches and excellent competition.
Click here for results.
 2.5-3.0 Free Ladder  
Montgomery Park
July 30-October 1, 2022

Sign-ups are now CLOSED for this FREE pickleball ladder to be run on Saturday mornings from July 30th to October 1st (not open during NM Games, Meet and Greet, NM Open). This will be at Montgomery Park 8 AM to 11 AM on Saturdays. This ladder is restricted to men and women in the approximate 2.5-3.0 skill range and registration limited. Play is approximately 1 hour and fifteen minutes. This is a great way to meet more people at your skill level! Your ranking on the ladder is determined by the points you have won minus the points you have lost during ladder play. If you miss a week, you will retain the same points for the next time you play. On a given Saturday, you will play everyone at your net. Players at the net will be arranged by their overall points (after the first Saturday of play). The more points a player has, the higher up on the ladder they will climb.The goal of a pickleball ladder, is to be at the top. Think of it like king of the mountain! Any questions should be sent to Gary Rutherford (

 New Mexico Senior Olympics 

Las Cruces NM
NMSU Activity Center for Pickleball
June 8-11, 2022 

-Largest multi-sport event for Seniors 50+
-Please see  for more information.
Click for Schedule of Events 
Pro Sports - Patriot Paddle Battle! 
The Canyon Club at Four Hills
May 27-30, 2022
Registration and full details at
 4.0+ Doubles Tournament   
Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts
June 4, 2022
Great play among the 60 players at the 4.0 and up tourney, most of which were from Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  A lot of close matches, making it a long day and lots of play for the participants.  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped run the tournament.  Congratulations to the winners:

Women's Doubles:
Gold:  Sharon Chang and Doris Corrales
Silver:  JoAnn Brown and Lauren Krimsky
Bronze:  Mandy Miranda and  Nancy Stem

Men's Doubles:
Gold:  Dave Solomon and Jeremy Dyche
Silver:  Mike Nava and Ray Maestas
Bronze:  Arturo Loy and Victor Avila

Mixed Doubles:
Gold:  Javier and Stacie Barron
Silver:  Bob and Joyce Paulsen
Bronze:  Tony Teague and Mary Pacheco
Women’s Medalists 4.+
Men’s Medalists 4.0+
 Senior Affairs 50+ Tournament 
Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts
May 13-15, 2022 
Thanks to all the pool managers, referees and everyone else who helped with the 50+ tournament.  There were 137 players, good weather and a lot of excellent play for everyone to enjoy.   Using pool managers (not lifeguards) worked more efficiently than our previous central desk system-downside, more volunteers needed. The medalists were:
Women’s singles 2.5/3.0 all ages
Gold:  Romela Carman
Silver: Leslie Dannels
Bronze: Hope Perez
Women’s singles 3.5 all ages
Gold: Traci Rehn
Silver: Karen Hepburn
Bronze: Sandra Elliot
Men’s Singles 2.5/3.0 all ages
Gold: Mark Conti
Silver: Ruben Gonsalez
Bronze: Wes Mouser
Men’s Singles 3.0 70’s
Gold: Clinton Tamada
Silver: James Conway
Bronze: Howard Solomon
Men’s Singles 3.5/4.0 50’s
Gold: Carlos Guardado
Silver: Joe Kassa
Bronze: Jesus Ontiveros
Men’s Singles 3.5 60/70’s
Gold: Tim Schoeny
Silver: Terry Linton
Bronze: Dale Coffing
Women’s Doubles 2.0-3.0 50’s
Gold:  Rana Russell/Annette Lisa
Silver: Susan Smith/Susie Bruketta
Bronze: Debra Lucero/Drew Dooley
Women’s Doubles 3.0 60/70’s
Gold: Romela Carman/Jill Levin
Silver: Hope Perez/Lynda Robbins
Bronze: Tracy Crosley/Linda Chavez
Women’s Doubles 3.5 50’s
Gold: Mei Chao/Liz Mouser
Silver: Hilda Vasquez/Maria Mendoza
Bronze: Tracy Crosley/Linda Chavez
Women’s Doubles 3.5/4.0 60/70
Gold: Joanne Brown/Susane Korsan
Silver: Eva Casey/Annie Maes
Bronze: Lona Warner/Karen Parsons
Men’s Doubles 2-3.0 50’s
Gold: Jeff Levine/Wayne Siefert
Silver: Llad Mattie/John Mouser
Bronze: Chris Coffing/Doug Cloud
Men’s Doubles 2.5-3.0 60/70
Gold: Mark Conti/Rick Massoth
Silver: Clinton Tamada/Mike Diehl
Bronze: Rich Wojdula/John Bentley
Men’s Doubles 3.5 all ages
Gold: Andrew Lieuwen/Greg Smith
Silver: Joe Kassa/Jesus Ontiveros
Bronze: Lawrence Alie/Richard Wood
Men’s Doubles 4.0 50/60
Gold: Michael Nava/Arturo Loy
Silver: Scott Spaulding/Tim Schoeny
Bronze: Douglas Dent/ Donnie Torres
Mixed Doubles 3.0 50’s
Gold: Llad Mattie/Erlinda Chavez
Silver: Jeff Levine/Amy Alford
Bronze: Mark Keller/Terri Keller
Mixed Doubles 3.0 60’s
Gold: Alicia Kassa/Mike Carrion
Silver: Mike Diehl/Janice Springer
Bronze: Adrienne LaMorte/Dale Cook
Mixed Doubles 3.0 70+
Gold: Kay Tamada/Clinton Tamada
Silver: James Conway/Linda Rogers
Bronze: Louise Kiss/Dick Harrison
Mixed Doubles 3.0 90+
Gold: Louise Kiss/Dick Harrison
Mixed Doubles 3.5/4 50’s
Gold: Michael Nava/Nancy Germand
Silver: Jodi Alei/Lawrence Alei
Bronze: Andrew Lieuwen/Traci Rehn
Mixed Doubles 3.5/4 60’s
Gold: Dale Coffing/Jo Ann Brown
Silver: Linda Williams/Tim Schoeny
Bronze: Stan Sikora/Nancy Lesicka
Mixed Doubles 3.5 70’s
Gold: Eva Casey/Jerret Koenigsburg
Silver: Edward Marquez/Lona Warner
Bronze: Annie Maes/John Yip

 ABQ Pickleball Club Earth Day Classic 
Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts
April 22-24, 2022.
Great play by the participants in the Earth Day Classic! Over 180 players registered. Thanks for everyone’s patience and stamina: with the up to 55 mph wind on opening day, all the Friday events were moved to Saturday and Sunday. Special thanks to all the volunteers and referees for all their hard work and long hours! For results: please go to and look at past tournaments.

 Los Vecinos 2.5/3.0 Tournament CANCELLED
Los Vecinos Community Center, Tijeras, NM
To be rescheduled

Aaron Gifford Pickleball Benefit Tournament
New Mexico State University Tennis Complex
April 2-3, 2022. USA Pickleball Association sanctioned.

All proceeds will be donated to Veterans with PTSD.
See Tournament Flyer

 Doubles-Ladder Tournament 
Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts
March 12, 2022

ABQ Pickleball Club and ACA Pickleball Club conducted a doubles-ladder tournament for March 12 at the Manzano Mesa Courts. On behalf of ABQ Pickleball Club, we would like to thank the players, spectators, and speakers who attended the 2022 NM Kidney Foundation Benefit Pickleball Tournament. The excellent speakers not only gave us a lot of important information we can use to care for our kidneys, but also we learned how to help those in need of kidney transplants. There were 48 women’s doubles players, 52 men’s doubles players and 72 mixed doubles players in the ladder tournament with prizes drawn randomly. All donations received went to the NM Kidney Foundation (approximately $2,500), and we thank everyone for their generosity.

2021 Tournaments

October 22-24: ABQ Pickleball Club Monster Smash

September 19: Free Social Ladder tournament

September 10-12: Peak to Peak Pickleball Club tournament, Salida, CO

September 1-6, 2021: New Mexico Open Pickleball Tournament

August 20-22, 2021: NM Games Pickleball Tournament

August 15, 2021: 3rd Tag Team Tournament

July 25, 2021 East vs. West Pickleball Tournament Playoff

May 28-30, 2021: Northern Colorado “Super” Spring Classic

May 28-31, 2021: PRO Sports – Memorial Day Paddle Battle

May 23, 2021: ABQ Pickleball Club Free Spring Tournament


ABQ Pickleball Club Monster Smash: October 22 thru 24, 2021

Fancy some frighteningly good fun and fitness? This USA Pickleball Sanctioned event promises a hair-raising atmosphere!

Player’s age as of: 12/31/21
Minimum Age of Player: 18
Final Registration Deadline: 10/16/21
Membership required as of: 10/25/21
Note: Tournament has a no refund policy
Tournament Sanctioning: Sanctioned – MMP
Registration, Ages: USA Pickleball 10 year (19 and over) – $50.00
When registering online, online waiver signature is used.
Online payment via PayPal is available. PayPal also allows credit card payment

Manzano Mesa Pickleball courts
501 Elizabeth SE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Free Social Ladder tournament: September 19, 2021

Tired of the same old partner making the same mistakes and bringing your stellar play down? In this tourney, you will be changing partners on the way to the top! After each 12 minutes, winners will move up a net and split, losers down a net and split. When signing up, please give an estimated rating. All levels included. Women’s from 8-10 am, Men’s 10-12 pm, Mixed 12-2pm.


Peak to Peak Pickleball Club tournament, Salida, CO: Sept. 10-12, 2021 The Peak to Peak Pickleball Club will be hosting a tournament in Salida, CO on Sept. 10-12, 2021. We know pickleball players have an ever-increasing number of tournaments to choose from, and we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for player participants and their guests! We’ve chosen a round robin format to ensure plenty of play!


New Mexico Open – September 1-6, 2021 The New Mexico Open is a pro/amateur tournament, including 3.0-5.0 skill levels and Open Pro events. The tournament will also include Senior Open brackets. Rocky Mountain Pickleball and the New Mexico Open are excited to be a part of the Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) national tour. Event fees are $20 per amateur event and $100 per event for the Open Pro divisions. Junior event fees are $10 per event. Registration Dates
  • Open: 03/12/21
  • Closed: 08/15/21

Tournament Dates

  • Starts: 09/01/21
  • Ends: 09/06/21

Cancellation Dates

  • Cancellation Deadline: 07/02/21


Manzano Mesa Pickleball Center 501 Elizabeth Street SE Albuquerque


  • Player’s age as of: 12/31/21
  • Minimum Age of Player: 12
  • Final Registration Deadline (Registered by): 08/15/21
  • Tournament Sanctioning: Not Sanctioned
  • Minimum Registration fee: $60.00
  • Registration – $60.00
  • Registation Junior Players – $60.00
  • When registering online, online waiver signature is used.
  • Online payment via PayPal is available. PayPal also allows credit card payments.
  • Registration information

Additional Info

  • Primary Ball: Onix Dura Fast 40 – Yellow
  • Surface: Concrete
  • Net: Permanent
  • Outdoor: Y
  • Livestreaming: Y
  • Prize Money: 50000