Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts

***************************** 4/11/22

Manzano Mesa Changes

Starting April 10, Manzano Mesa will have courts 8,9,14,15 as “Paddle up open courts” from 8 am to 11 am on Mondays thru Saturdays.  Those who are waiting to play, put their paddles up on the fence by their preferred court and play in order of arrival.
The ABQ Pickleball Club will coordinate play, except when the weather is inclement.

***************************** 3/31/22

Thanks to all the ABQ Pickleball Club members and friends who sent letters and made calls to legislators and the Governor in support of expanding pickleball facilities in Albuquerque! (See the email below from David Simon, Director, Parks and Recreation).

“During the past two state legislative sessions (2021, 2022), pickleball players and supporters (working with the City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation Department) have done a fantastic job advocating for investments in pickleball facilities in Albuquerque!  In the past two years, state legislators have appropriated a total of $1,705,000 for new pickleball courts and associated facilities.  This includes:  $1,430,000 for expansion of the City’s flagship pickleball complex at Manzano Mesa ($460,000 in 2021 and $970,000 in 2022); and $275,000 for pickleball/tennis facilities on the Westside.  This is amazing progress!  The Parks & Recreation Department is overjoyed and grateful for this tremendous outcome so far, and we are excited to put these funds to good use to support and grow the sport in Albuquerque.  The Manzano Mesa project aims to add at least 12-14 new courts (including championship courts), a permanent building with restrooms, and other amenities.  The total cost of the entire Manzano Mesa project is estimated at $3.2 million, but the City is moving ahead in 2022 with detailed design of Phase 1 of the project, using a combination of the state funds and City funds that totals about $2 million.  State funds allocated to Westside projects are being combined with City funds to:  create dedicated pickleball courts at the Sierra Vista Complex, improve management of the Ventana Ranch Park court complex for pickleball, and plan new dedicated pickleball courts on the Westside.  Thanks for the great partnership; with our continued efforts, we can complete these ambitious projects.  The future of pickleball in Albuquerque is bouncing high!”

David J. Simon

Director, Parks & Recreation Department

City of Albuquerque

1801 4th NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

505-768-5360 office

505-250-2601 cell


Parks and Recreation has worked out an agreement with Manzano Mesa Multicultural Center, so their bathrooms would be available for pickleball players when they are open.  Currently they are open weekdays from 8 am to 9 pm, and Saturdays 9 am to 3 pm.  

The pickleball courts at Manzano Mesa are open for pickleball, no restriction on number of players.