Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts

***************************** 4/11/22

Manzano Mesa Changes

Starting April 10, Manzano Mesa will have courts 8,9,14,15 as “Paddle up open courts” from 8 am to 11 am on Mondays thru Saturdays.  Those who are waiting to play, put their paddles up on the fence by their preferred court and play in order of arrival.
The ABQ Pickleball Club will coordinate play, except when the weather is inclement.

***************************** 6/11/22

Update on the expansion for the Manzano Mesa pickleball courts: Currently, Larry Lite, the ABQ Pickleball Club Executive Committee (Joyce, Gary, Linda, Nancy, and John) and Felix Rabanal have been working with the City and the design architects regarding the expansion of the pickleball courts at Manzano Mesa. The long term plans include adding 21 more courts, one of which will be a championship court, and the construction of restrooms, and an administrative office. Additionally, there will be drinking fountains, canopies, and storage facilities. The majority of the new courts are planned to be lit. Phase 1 will be the construction of 10 new courts, which could begin in the Spring of 2023. Phase 2 would be the construction of the championship court and associated structures. Possibly included in this phase would be constructing a building that would house the bathrooms, electrical, mechanical/ janitorial rooms and a storage room. All of the above construction could be allocated within the monies budgeted thus far.

The pickleball courts at Manzano Mesa are open for pickleball, no restriction on number of players.