Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts

As the Manzano Mesa courts are being used more and more it is a good time to remind those parking at the Manzano Mesa courts to not leave valuables in their cars. There were four vehicles broken into on May 12th at the MM south lot. We did bring it to the attention of the police.

It is a sad situation but none the less we want to give you a heads up to avoid a possible vehicle break in not matter where you are playing.

Take care and be safe on the courts.
Currently, the ABQ Pickleball Club is not managing or conducting any Club pickleball events or hours at any outdoor or indoor location.

The city outdoor courts at Manzano Mesa are open from 6 am to 10 pm, the majority of players go in the early morning. Bring your own balls and pick an open court for your games. You may have to wait for your game – please continue to be safe and practice social distancing.

Click here for City pickleball information.




Here is some drone video from the 2019 National Senior Games at Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts. Courtesy Tom Denman.


Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts Open

The Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts (MMPC) are open daily from 6 AM to 10 PM. Use the West or South entrance; park in the West lot on the other side of the playground (not on Elizabeth St). Bring your own balls and pick an open court for your games.

If you wish to learn pickleball at Manzano Mesa Outdoor Courts please fill out the training request form at our Training page

Watch for upcoming events, tournaments, leagues, and programs at MMPC. We welcome your ideas for any of the courts. Please contact any venue coordinator or executive board member with ideas or to make a suggestion; or submit the form below to let us know what you would like to help initiate at MMPC.