Registration is now open for the 2nd season of the Summer Partner League!!!

– This is a Skill Level Doubles and Mixed Partner league where matches are played over the summer.
– Teams will play a match against every other team in that event at least once. Events may be combined depending on the number of teams registered for that event. For example, 2.5 and 3.0 skill levels events may be combined.
– A match consists of THREE games to 11pts, win by 2. Teams are awarded 2 points for every game won. If the losing team scores SIX or more points in a game, they are awarded 1 point. Points will be accumulated throughout season. You can expect each match to last about one hour.
– Once registration closes, the draws will be made and the HOME team can use the new website to coordinate the match day, time and location using the other teams play preference for guidance.
– Teams will have to the end of September to complete all their matches.
– More details to be provided to the players after registration.

1) Find a partner for the season. You can play in doubles and/or mixed.
2) This season we will be using a custom website to register, create the draws, schedule matches, and record scores. Go to the following website to register.
3) Click on EVENTS
5) Click on REGISTER.
6) If you are new to this site, you will be asked to create an account. You will be asked for your name, email, texting phone number, and play time preference (morning/afternoon/evening/weekend).
7) Once you’ve created your account, you will be asked to agree to the ABQ Pickleball Club Waiver.
8) Next you can register for the event/s you are interested in – Mens/Womens and/or Mixed by Skill Level. If you and your partner have different skill levels, you must play at the higher partner’s level. You can only register for one event per category.
9) Add your partner. If your partner has already registered, their name will automatically come up and then click on their name. If they haven’t registered yet, input their name, email and cell phone and they will receive a text/email to remind them to register. Then you are DONE.
10) If you click on LEAGUE BRACKETS you can see the other players/teams registered for each event.

Click here for detailed instructions on using this registration site: How to register for an event

Registration closes on May 23rd at 10am.

***NOTE: Once again, this league is being offered free of charge however donations are appreciated and will be used for end of season party and prizes***

Contact Stacie Barron if you have any questions.

Stacie Barron
ABQ Pickleball League Coordinator

2.5 – BEGINNER. Fairly new to pickleball with beginner skills. Knows how to keep score and most rules. 
3.0 – NOVICE BEGINNER. Experience with pickleball but skills at a novice level. May have played in some tournaments and could have a USPA rating.
3.5 – INTERMEDIATE. Skills more controlled and consistent. Usually has tournament experience and a USPA rating.
4.0 – ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE. Skills controlled and consistent and uses advanced strategies and shots. Usually has tournament experience and has medaled in a 3.5 and/or 4.0 tournament bracket. Most likely has a USPA rating.
4.5 – ADVANCED. Skills at an advanced level and mastered advanced strategies and shots. Usually has medaled in many tournaments including the 4.5 level.