Weekly Drop-In Round Robins
Partner Summer League

The ABQ Pickleball Club kicked off the Weekly Drop-In Round Robins for Advanced Beginners/3.0+ players last week. Due to the amount of players showing up we had to make the following changes:

1) The Morning group on Tuesday’s at 10am is CANCELLED immediately. We are very sorry about this.

2) The Evening group on Thursday is doing pretty well. This group is for ADVANCED BEGINNERS only.
Coordinator: Michael Seabrook (505) 977-9727 / Back-up Rob Campbell (505) 205-4640

The following rules apply:
> No need to sign-up but MUST show up 5min before start time, bring a ball, and expect to play ~2hr until the rotation is finished.
> If weather is poor, Round Robin may be cancelled by the Coordinator. You can contact coordinator beforehand if questionable.
> Courts are not reserved, therefore arriving early to help coordinators secure courts is appreciated.
> Round Robin events are posted in the ABQ Pickleball Club Shutterfly Calendar.


ABQ Pickleball Club is Announcing NEW Partner Summer League for doubles and mixed at all skill levels!

Thank you players for being the first bracket to finish all its matches!

Below are the final standings based on total points:
1st PLACE goes to Tim Schoeny and Andrew Lieuwen
2nd PLACE goes to Dwight Stockham and John Roach
3rd PLACE goes to Rod Campbell and John Roy

CONGRATULATIONS Tim & Andrew, well done! Tim & Andrew only gave up one game out of 24, quite a feat!

At the end of the summer when the all the brackets have finished their matches, I plan to have a party where the winners will be presented whilst holding a beer or margarita.

If any of you would like to make a donation towards the party, please contact me separately.

And lastly, if you have any suggestions or changes you would like to see in this league, feel free to contact me separately and I will take them all into consideration.

It’s been a pleasure!

Contact Stacie Barron at 915-373-8210, staciebarron@aol.com, if you have any questions.