Weekly Drop-In Round Robins
Partner Summer League

The ABQ Pickleball Club kicked off the Weekly Drop-In Round Robins for Advanced Beginners/3.0+ players last week. Due to the amount of players showing up we had to make the following changes:

1) The Morning group on Tuesday’s at 10am is CANCELLED immediately. We are very sorry about this but there just aren’t enough courts available in the mornings to secure enough courts.

2) The Evening group on Thursday will now START at 5pm instead of 6pm. We need to start earlier in order to secure enough courts. Also this group will be ADVANCED BEGINNERS only.
Coordinator: Michael Seabrook (505) 977-9727 / Back-up Rob Campbell (505) 205-4640

3) We are adding an Evening group on Tuesday at 5pm for 3.5 players. 3.5 rated players are SKILLED & EXPERIENCED PLAYERS who have usually been playing at least a year but usually two years.
Coordinator: Rob Campbell (505) 205-4640 / Back-up Michael Seabrook (505) 977-9727

The following rules still apply:
> No need to sign-up but MUST show up 5min before start time, bring a ball, and expect to play ~2hr until the rotation is finished.
> If weather is poor, Round Robin may be cancelled by the Coordinator. You can contact coordinator beforehand if questionable.
> Courts are not reserved, therefore arriving early to help coordinators secure courts is appreciated.
> Round Robin events are posted in the ABQ Pickleball Club Shutterfly Calendar.


ABQ Pickleball Club is Announcing NEW Partner Summer League for doubles and mixed at all skill levels!

1) Find a partner for the season. You can play in doubles and/or mixed.
2) Sign-up with your partner and skill level by emailing Stacie Barron at staciebarron@aol.com. Use UTPRating or self rate if no rating. If partners have different rating, use the higher rating for your team.
3) Sign-up deadline is Wednesday, June 2nd. Liability waivers and instructions will be provided at that time.
4) League to start week of June 7th.

1) Once all the teams have registered, a list will be provided for each bracket and the suggested order in which to play each team.
2) Each team will play every other team at least once depending on the number of teams in each bracket.
3) Teams will coordinate amongst themselves when and where their match will take place.
4) Each match will consist of two games to 11 (win by 2) which should take less than an hour.
5) There will be a generous deadline for finishing all your matches to accommodate for summer schedules.
6) Teams are awarded 2 points for every game won. If the losing team scores 6 or more points in a game, they are awarded 1 point. No points are awarded for a score of 5 points or less. Points will be accumulated throughout season.

Contact Stacie Barron at 915-373-8210, staciebarron@aol.com, if you have any questions.