Lost and Found

Every now and then, we forget things or lose things on the court or in the gym or at a tournament or somewhere. Check here periodically to see where your lost or forgotten stuff has ended up. If you have found something belonging to another pickleball player, just let us know at abqpickleball@gmail.com and we will post the information here. Just be sure to include your contact information so the owner can contact you. Also, if you have found your stuff here, please post a reply on this page so we know all is well. Thanks!


I left my yellow Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro paddle at Manzano Mesa courts a few days ago.

I have not been able to track it down. Is there a lost & found or other way to perhaps get it back?

I know the chances are slim, but thought I would ask.


Jan Breed, janbreed7@gmail.com, (505)379-1590


Lost Yeti coffee mug at monster mash tournament- left on court sidelines. John Astles, 772-971-4323, jastles@alumni.flagler.edu


I found this stuff at Manzano Mesa couple weeks back – totally forgot about it until this past weekend when I was working in my garage. Seems like property nice stuff – bag, beanie and gator. Ron Farmer, 505.239.3662


Small navy vest found at Manzano Mesa PB facility week of March 22. Contact Chris Bell, 505-980-9488.

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