Lost and Found

Every now and then, we forget things or lose things on the court or in the gym or at a tournament or somewhere. Check here periodically to see where your lost or forgotten stuff has ended up. If you have found something belonging to another pickleball player, just let us know at abqpickleball@gmail.com and we will post the information here. Just be sure to include your contact information so the owner can contact you. Also, if you have found your stuff here, please post a reply on this page so we know all is well. Thanks!

Steven, staff member at RGS, currently has in his possession these expensive-looking glasses, which one of our players appears to have left there.

The glasses case has Rafael Torres’ business card inside it, but I understand that these glasses are not his and he doesn’t know who they belong to.


Friday, 2/14/20
Grace Cummins, I have your paddle. You left it on court 9 at Manzano Mesa.
Kris Keller 505-350-7620

Found, black fleece vest at Manzano Mesa outdoor courts on Saturday, Jan 18th. Contact Chuck to claim, 505.350.7621, rellek@comcast.net.


Someone left a red plastic water bottle on court 11. I brought home so no one would just take it but will bring it back to where ever the lost and found is if no one claims it. I will keep it in my paddle bag for a while in hopes that someone claims it. Kathy Klein kgkretired@gmail.com



Found. Black thermo bottle and blue Powerade water jug and white towel at Manzano Mesa courts. They are in blue bucket at corner of court 3


We found this ring at the Manzano Mesa courts a few days ago. It’s a black, men’s ring. Looks like a wedding band. It has some writing in the other side. Call 915-373-8210 to claim it.



April 14 morning I left my all black thin pullover top at the MM courts. Adeline Apodaca 270-5427 or always.busy@q.com.


Hi-wondering if anyone found a Selkirk Invikta Lightweight paddle at Manzano Mesa on Saturday Feb. 9? Left early because of knee problem and think I may have left my paddle there.
Thank you! Mike Jones, Email: diegojonz@gmail.com, Phone: 505-263-9974


NOTICE: Felix Rabanal’s car was broken into and his Selkirk Paddle Demos were stolen. Keep eye open for anyone selling used Selkirk Paddles. They might be stolen.

You can reach Felix at 505 463-8797, fgrabanal@msn.com


After playing at Roosevelt Middle School on Tuesday evening, Nov. 6, Nabil’s paddle went missing. This is a distinctive paddle, and should be easy to notice. It has Nabil’s name and a NM zia symbol on it. Please look out for it and contact Nabil at (505) 286-4872 or ppotsuma@q.com when you see it. Thanks.
Here’s what the paddle looks like.


Found at Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts:


Contact: Barbara Wellington, folsom4@comcast.net


Someone left a paddle At Manzano Mesa 9/18 am. Call or text Nancy to identify 505-710-0246


I had two T-shirts that disappeared on Wed the first day of the Senior Olympics @ Manzano courts. One was the generic yellow Senior Olympics
T-shirt. The second one was purchased on the same day and is blue with a pickle ball in the middle of the New Mexico State symbol. Would really appreciate their return.

Thank you,Jim Buckley, 816.260.9636, buck@ubuibme.net


I lost my purse on Friday, July 20th during the Pickleball tournament. Black leather Coach purse! Would love to have it returned.

Mandy Holleman


A paddle was left behind at Manzano Mesa outdoors on July 9. Please call me or email to describe & claim.

Nancy L., 505-710-0246 or nlesicka@gmail.com


A pickleball paddle was found on Elizabeth street on Sunday July 1 middayish. If you have lost a paddle, please call or email me and provide a brief description of the paddle. It may have fallen off a car, since it was in the middle of the street and did sustain some very minor damage.

Thank you! Christina, 844-8632; cdjockl@sandia.gov


6/20/2018 – Someone left a jacket out on the pickleball outdoor courts at Manzano Mesa. It is the warm up State jacket that is Red orange and comes with the warm up pants. It is one of the lined ones and a size medium. It was given to me and if anyone knows who it belongs to I would like to return it. Ruth Madrid, ruthgodlywoman@gmail.com

Found at Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts after April 28-29 tournament: One knee brace, two sweatshirts, three water bottles, and a towel from the Angel Fire tournament. Contact Gary at ruthergary@aol.com or 505-507-3663.

Left at Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts after April 28-29 tournament: Yeti insulated coffee mug, light green. Kathy Baca kathy.baca08@gmail.com


Left at Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts after April 28-29 tournament: My partner, Jim Manning, left his sweatshirt at the tournament today April 28. Ray Thomas, ratt587@centurylink.net, Phone: 505-228-0924


Left at Cesar Chavez Community Center during the Venue Challenge on March 9, 2018. Silver bracelet with copper beads. Contact abqpickleball@gmail.com.

Dan S, spraued@comcast.net found a jacket that someone (perhaps Kent or Tom) left at Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts on 1/13/18.

Robert Hennessey (11/9/2017)
Lost a 3XL Nike hooded sweatshirt, gray and green, at the outdoor Manzano courts about 3 weeks ago. rhennessey75@yahoo.com. Thanks much. R. HENNESSEY

I am Diane Kinderwater, a new member. I had my name on a large, black, metal knee brace that someone at the outside courts at Manzano that someone might have seen in the past two weeks. Please reply only if you might have it. Thanks. dianekinderwater@yahoo.com


Found at Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts on 6/24/17: Black and white visor with white Nike logo. Contact Chris Bell, ckbellnm@aol.com

Found at April 20-23 Tournament: one red folding chair, one hand towel and one light weight black jacket left behind by participants. Penny Forgette, p.forgette@hotmail.com

Also found at April Tournament:IMG_0894. Contact ABQPickleball@gmail.com if these items are yours.


Left at Los Altos on Saturday (3/5/2017), men’s sweatpants and sweatshirt. Contact Joyce at healthyjoyce@gmail.com if these are yours.


A pickleball paddle was left at Paradise Hills CC over a month ago and has not been claimed. If you are missing a paddle, please contact Linda Martellaro at 505-899-6778 and describe the paddle in order to claim it.

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