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USAPA – As you know, the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association) provides many benefits to its members, as well as promotes pickleball throughout the world. There are many benefits of memberships, which can be found at


Be sure and check out the following Pickleball Sources for equipment before you buy:

Gamma Sports is offering 40% off all Pickleball Paddles and accessories, which also includes nets, Online at Enter Discount Code BP_FR1_S5531 and discount will automatically calculate. All shipments over $59 dollars will ship free. Demo Paddles will be available.

Gamma Contact: Felix Rabanal, 505 463-8797,
pickleballproBusiness e-mail, and business phone number 505-750-DINK (3465). Richie is offering a 5% ABQ Pickleball Club discount and will make a 5% donation to the Club for any purchases made.
Local Point of Contact: Joyce Montoya (505-980-8787), Joyce is offering a 5% ABQ Pickleball Club discount and will make a 5% donation to the Club for any purchases made.
p2We’ve embraced honeycomb composite made with DuPont™ Nomex® for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Stiff, thin Nomex® is used to help make a strong, yet lightweight, honeycomb composite. We are thrilled to contribute a high quality Graphite Pickleball paddle at a reasonable price for the pickleball sport. These new P2 paddles have been USAPA/IFP approved this month. The paddles have passed the USAPA specification tests and are now approved for use in sanctioned play. The temporary introductory offer of $ 39.95 per paddle is good until the end of the year. We will gladly provide ABQ Pickelball Club members an additional 10% discount on Amazon with the coupon code “PPBTODAY”. There is also an 25% discount when two paddles are purchased.
engagepickleballWe are offering 25% off paddles for all members with 10% back to the Club using discount code ABQ101. Contact:
5% discount, use: Club Name, ABQ Pickleball Club and Discount Code, CRABQ. Phone: (888-854-0163)
PickleballCentral’s Pickleball Paddle Guide! The Three Most Important Things to Consider When Selecting a Pickleball Paddle. Paddle Comparison Chart located here.


Dick’s Pickleball Wall

Dick’s Sporting Goods at Coronado Center now has a pickleball wall with an expanded selection of pickleball accessories.

Bob Klass, I have 20 pickleball net sets ready to ship from my factory now. These are being manufactured as we speak, blue in color. They are exact size and duplication of picklenet and pickleball net sets. Complete set in carrying bag $90.00 each, that’s $50 less than buying on line. Since I am the manufacturer there is no middle person marking them up.