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USA Pickleball – As you know, the USA Pickleball provides many benefits to its members, as well as promotes pickleball throughout the world. There are many benefits of memberships, which can be found at


Be sure and check out the following Pickleball Sources for equipment before you buy:

pickleballcentral As always, when purchasing paddles, equipment and balls from Pickleball Central, use the code CRABQ to get the club discount, which also will give the club 5% of the proceeds. Phone: (888-854-0163) Main site:


Selkirk paddles, local contact: Felix Rabanal, 505 463-8797,

Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Demos and special orders.
Free gift with each order over $100. Now also carrying Vulcan Pickleball and Franklin, Ben John’s and Christine McGrath’s pro models.

AfterShokz Bone conducting headphones. For more info go to

Local Point of Contact: Joyce (Montoya) Paulsen (505-980-8787), Joyce is offering a 5% ABQ Pickleball Club discount and will make a 5% donation to the Club for any purchases made.


engagepickleballWe are offering 25% off paddles for all members with 10% back to the Club using discount code ABQ101. Contact:


Local Paddletek representative, Ron Ivanis, offers 10% discount on paddles. Contact Ron at 414-491-2767 or


PickleballCentral’s Pickleball Paddle Guide! The Three Most Important Things to Consider When Selecting a Pickleball Paddle. Paddle Comparison Chart located here.