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We are a “bottom-up” organization, meaning the venues we have coordinated with the help of the city and county are headed up by the venue coordinators elected from and by the venue players. All pickleball players (unless they opt out) are eligible to be members of the club, with the venue coordinators serving as the Managing Council. Members who fill out an application form and waiver are considered voting members. The Managing Council elects an Executive Team which can be removed by the council at any time.

Diane Barney, Diane’s Bio, Treasurer,

Michael Giudicissi, member-at-large,

Dale Reynolds – Membership

Gretchen Denman – Large Tournaments

M’Lee Beazley – Graphics, Visual Communications

ABQ Pickleball Club Managing Council:

*Los Vecinos Community Center: Louise Martin
*Montgomery Park: Gary Rutherford
*Johnny Tapia Community Center at Wells Park: Luis Ramos
*Los Duranes Community Center: David Archibeque
*Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center (Indoors): John Kimbrough
*Paradise Hills Community Center: Kathy Baca
*Don Newton Taylor Ranch Community Center: Mike Carrion
*Raymond G Sanchez Community Center: Eva Leong Casey
*Roosevelt Middle School: Ron Ivanus
*Alamosa Community Center: TBD
*LBJ Middle School: John Cordova
*Columbus Park: Roger McNew
*Cesar Chavez Community Center: John Kimbrough
*Ventana Ranch Park: Alicia Kassa

Venue Coordinators may click here to find forms and information to help fulfill their coordinator duties.