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2020 Emails



The Online Fundraiser is now in Progress
Help Fight Chronic Homelessness One Pickleball At A Time

Check out the items for sale that have been donated by the generous members of the pickleball community.  Thank you very much for your generosity and support.  All proceeds from the fundraiser will go to benefit the great work being done by the Supportive Housing Coalition of New Mexico.

To access the fundraiser, click on the link:

The fundraiser will run from Sep 6th to Sep 20th.  All exchanges of items/services from sellers to purchasers will take place after the end of the fundraiser. 



Hi folks,

We know the courts are getting crowded outdoors.  As you know, we have been working with Parks and Recreation on relining some of the outdoor tennis courts for pickleball play.  The relining has been completed at 2 courts at Hoffman Park, and the next project is 4 courts at Rinconada Park, with more to come.  Parks and Recreation is getting bids on painting new pickleball lines on up to an additional 56 courts on multiple city parks.

Currently, community centers and schools have not started opening for pickleball play.  We will let you know what pickleball schedules we are able to coordinate as they open up (listing of facilities is at  We do not anticipate any openings in the near future due to COVID restrictions.

As you know, the club has operated free leagues, tournaments, round robin play within ratings, as well as fee tournaments in conjunction with the entities such as NM Games, NM Senior Olympics and Albuquerque Senior Affairs.  All competitive activities are currently on hold on city facilities due to COVID.  We anticipate resumption of some of these club activities as restrictions are removed.

NEWS FLASH:  PRO Sports, who is working with the Canyon Club, (4 Hills area) is having a pickleball open house on September 13th from 8-11 am.  There are 5 pickleball courts with wind screens, two of which will be lit.  In addition, there will be leagues, organized play, tournaments, camps and lessons available.  Much of the play will start in September.   Rates and further information is attached.  Be sure to RSVP if you can attend the open house, or give them a call or an email if you need more information.  A letter to the Club from the PRO Sports director follows.

To all Abq Pickleball players…
PRO Sports is a brand-new, year-round, program that provides one of the best environments to compete, play, and learn the game of pickleball. We have created all new programs, team leagues, flex ladder play, tournament, camps, and programs.

One of our main goals is to help Pickleball continue to grow and thrive throughout the state. With your support, we will continue to create and bring new and exciting things to the Pickleball community.

To kick things off, we hope you will join us for a Pickleball open house Sept 13th 8-11am at the all new Canyon Club courts. Please make sure you RSVP so that we can accommodate players while still following state guidelines.

We hope to see you out on the courts soon!


Jeremy Dyche & PRO Sports team

In partnership with Canyon Club at Four Hills

  • We have teamed up with The Canyon Club to bring in 5 fully resurfaced tennis courts, 1 permanent pickleball court, 4 lined pickleball courts and brand new 9′ windscreens on every court. We are expected to finish the project as early as next week, with programs to begin Sept 7th and leagues starting Sept14th
  • The courts have permanent/semi-permanent nets and two courts with lights
  • Canyon Club is a private club with a monthly membership of $60 per month
  • All programs, leagues, organized play, camps, & lessons are available to both members and non-members at discounted rates, non-member pricing shown below
  • Members receive reservable court time, free drop-ins and discounts on all programs and lessons. For more info please visit

Leagues, flex play, programs, camps, & tournaments
Leagues | Starting Sept 14th

  • Flex Ladder Play || 8-week season – $30 per player (ages 18+)
    • The first doubles ladder will be an open to any combo of men and women doubles teams and be based on combined skill levels
    • Doubles ladders are organized play that can be played around town and on your schedules. All through our website & app
    • Doubles partners will propose match times to play and then have other teams around the city confirm that they would like to play
    • The more times you play, the more points you acquire
    • Ladders are designed to be more flexible for your schedules
  • Team League || 5-week season – $40 per player (ages 18+)
    • Mixed doubles format – 4 Games per match w/ 1 guys dubs, 1 ladies dubs, 2 mixed dubs
    • Recommend 6 players per team, 3 men & 3 women
    • Team league has set court times and schedules out of Canyon Club
    • Teams may play up to 2+ time per week
  • You can see way more info, as well as sign up, on our website –

Programs & Drop-Ins | Starting Sept 7th

  • Level Based Drop Ins
    • Tuesdays – Advanced drop-In (4.0+) – 7:30-9:30am
    • Wednesday – All level drop-in (2.5+) – 7:30-9:30am
  • Programs
    • Beginner clinics available 7:30am on Weds & 8:00am Saturdays
    • “Live Ball w/ a Twist”… tons of fun for all levels, you gotta come out to see what its all about. Saturdays 9:00am
  • Program pricing ranges from $8 to $20 depending on the format and length. For more info & sign up, check out website –

All programs, leagues, camps, & lessons are available to both members and non-members at discounted rates

Camps & Tournaments

  • Camps || There will be one weeklong pickleball and tennis camp in October. Info and sign up coming over the next weeks
  • Tournaments || We are looking to have 2 tournaments in early October & November. As with the camps, more info coming soon!

Open House

Pickleball Open House (Free)

  • Open to members and non-members
  • September 13th – 8:00-11:00am
  • If you’re new to the game, looking for a new place to play or people to meet, then join us for 3 hours of drop-in style match play
  • Beginner clinics & paddles will be available for those looking to learn
  • Courts will be separated by skill level
  • Players must RSVP so that we can accommodate players while still follow state guidelines
  • RSVP ||



Help Fight Chronic Homelessness One Pickleball At A Time

ABQ Pickleball Club is sponsoring an on-line sale of items contributed by our talented and generous members to benefit the SUPPORTIVE HOUSING COALITION of NM ( SHC supports Albuquerque homeless and housing insecure families.  Donations could be quality artwork including pottery, woodcraft, jewelry, outdoor items, lessons, and services.  Here is a great opportunity for our Club Members to pay forward all the benefits we have received and experienced through Pickleball!

The fundraiser will be conducted completely online.  It will run for 10 days in September.  We will collect information about your donation for the sale from August 15 through September 5th.

If you are interested in supporting this worthwhile cause, please respond with the following information:
Item, Object and/or Service Donations:

  1. Presentable Photo of the object(s)
  2. Description and/or dimensions of object or service
  3. Price – What is its worth and what price is appropriate to advertise
  4. Any other pertinent information you may like to include
  5. Your Name, Phone # & Email address

Delivery of objects, items and/or services will take place after the end of the fundraiser. Please keep them to give directly to your buyer.
ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE SUPPORTIVE HOUSING COALITION of NM.  SHC has done great work over many years supporting a segment of our population that are among the most vulnerable.  Please check out their website ( for more information.

We cannot thank you enough for stepping forward and helping to make the ABQ Pickleball Club’s community fundraiser a success. We hope you are as excited about this opportunity as we are!

Direct monetary contributions to SHCnm will also be accepted at the online sale site.

Lou Salm – 505-293-9643
Nancy Lesicka – 505-710-0246
Kris Keller – 505-350-7620

Count me in:
Name_____________________  Phone_______________ Email:_________________
Price (Worth)___________ Suggested Sale Price____________
Photo Attached   Yes____ No _____ I need help_____________________
Send info to



On Monday, August 10th, ABQ  Pickleball Club and USA Pickleball representatives met with members of Parks and Recreation, with whom we have been in collaboration on court expansion for some time.The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the expansion of pickleball courts in all parts of the city, rather than concentrate courts in only one or two areas.  The following are the main points from the meeting:

1.  Parks and Recreation has been analyzing tennis courts throughout the city as to which courts would best be used to include pickleball lines. They are getting estimates on painting pickleball court lines on up to 56 courts on existing tennis courts.   These are in addition to the parks that are currently lined for pickleball.

2.  Parks and Recreation will include signage on all the new and existing parks that specifies court usage is for both tennis and pickleball.

3.  Additionally, the ABQ Pickleball Club is working with the City on repainting existing courts as needed.  The first ones to be repainted will be the Hoffman courts.

Parks and Recreation has been a great partner to work with on expanding pickleball within the community.  We encourage you to thank them whenever you can!


1. Please indicate which facilities in the bold below, which you would like repainted/relined and whether you would play there (directions to each are at Do this by filling out the survey at by July 31st. As many of you know, there are frequently large groups at Manzano Mesa and Villelas Park. Many pickleball players are afraid to play there because of the crowds during the Covid pandemic. Thus, many people have looked for alternative places to play and have brought their portable nets to places like Hoffman Park, Los Altos and others. In many cases, the pickleball lines at those facilities are fading or have been removed. The ABQ Pickleball Club is working with the USAPA, and Albuquerque Parks and Recreation in identifying and relining the courts and putting signage where needed. We would like your input on which courts should be repainted. In addition, the ABQ Pickleball Club would like to coordinate with Albuquerque Parks and Recreation on making portable nets available for those who wish to borrow them to use at those facilities.

East Side: Los Altos (12 courts, 1200 Lomas Blvd NE)
Hoffman Park (2 courts, 2480 Mesa Linda NE)
Montgomery Park (4 courts, 5510 Ponderosa NE)
Zuni Park (the courts have been resurfaced, such that lining would start from scratch, 7250 Prospect Ave NE)

West Side: Ventana Ranch (8 courts, 10000 Universe NW)
Rinconada Park (2 Courts, 3125 Painted Rock NW)
Eagle Ranch Park (2 courts, 3580 Congress NW)
Barelas Park (2 courts, 707 7th St. SW).

2. NM Games has cancelled all their sports events this year due to COVID. This includes the pickleball tournament which the ABQ Pickleball Club coordinates for NM Games.

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1. Notice: The ABQ Pickleball Club is cancelling the Labor Day Classic this year. As you know, in the past we have had a fun tournament each month, as well as managed tournaments with Senior Affairs, NM Senior Olympics, NM Games and our own Labor Day Classic. As a result of Covid-19 this year, the state is not permitting competitive tournaments, and those who travel from out-of-state must quarantine for 14 days. Therefore, we have cancelled our usual pickleball tournaments, including the Labor Day Classic.

2. The City has announced that, according to the latest health order, masks must always be worn by players and spectators at outdoor venues, including pickleball. Love them or hate them, face coverings are required of all individuals in public places. Masks have been required since May, and are now enforceable with $100 fines. The big change as of Monday July 13 is that they will be required even when exercising in public spaces. This applies to fitness centers and gyms, which must require patrons to wear them or face penalties. It also applies to outdoor exercise.

3. Many people have expressed concern that with all the switching of partners at Manzano Mesa, there is no way of knowing if they have played with someone who has later tested positive for Covid-19. While the Club is not having any pickleball events and does not manage the courts, we recommend that anyone who tests positive notify those they have played with, and conversed with, over the past time period in order to give those folks the heads-up that they may want to go get tested. This is simplified if players personally keep track of the players with whom they have played, courts, times, and dates. If you are unsure who you played with over the time period, but wish to notify the Club’s website that you have tested positive, contact a member of the executive team (contact info is located at with the times and days you have played. Your name will not be given out on the website, just the bare facts of day and time will be listed.

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In an effort to keep Manzano Mesa courts open for the public and not have to close them completely due to the social distancing laws, Albuquerque Parks and Recreation will set them up the following way starting Saturday May 2, 2020:

Only the west entrance will be open.
Up to 4 people per court
Set up during peak times – 7 days a week 8a -12p & 5p – 8p:

• Parks and Recreation will have staff at the west entrance regulating the number of people inside the fenced area
• maximum capacity is 72 (4 players per court)
• While waiting for a court – players will be required to be outside of the fenced area and practice social distancing – 6 feet apart
• Once they are done playing, they will need to leave the gated area immediately
• Staff will let people in and assign a court as other players leave
• Court time is limited to 1 ½ hours if people are waiting.
• Players will leave their name and how many in their party with staff at the gate – their name will be called when a court becomes available
• If they leave or do not come when their name is called – they will be moved to the bottom of the list after second call no show – removed (just like at a Restaurant)

The City of Albuquerque will provide Bathrooms, Water, Hand sanitizer.

The staff manning the front gate are doing what has been assigned to them and have no say in what or how things are being done. The goal is to be able to keep the courts open.

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To all ABQ Pickleball Club Members,

The ABQ Pickleball Club leadership strongly urges our members to follow the Governor’s stay-at-home instructions, made March 23, 2020, that all non-essential personnel stay home. The important link is If there are questions regarding the recommendations reference for all the latest information.

We are being asked to act as responsible citizens in following the State directives in order not to overwhelm the capabilities of our medical system. The directive includes the rule of limiting gatherings to not over 5 people, and to maintain a 6-foot distance from each other when gathering in groups of 5. This means virtually no pickleball. We all know that this health emergency will pass, and we will be able to again play pickleball. Patience and time will be what is needed by our members.

Thank you for your understanding and please be safe until we can play again.

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1. The Jerry Cline Tennis Facility has closed until April 15 (or later). Many outdoor pickleball courts have been closed around the country. For now, Manzano Mesa and Villela Park outdoor courts will remain open. We will keep the home page of up-to-date with any changes as soon as we find out. Please don’t play if you are sick. If you choose to play, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and follow all the recommended guidance from the federal, state and local health experts. The Club has removed the porta-potty (it was only cleaned once a week) and the free shared balls.

2. The drinking fountain at the Manzano Mesa Courts is broken, and there is currently no schedule for repair. If you play, bring plenty of fluids.

3. The May NM Games Tournament has been postponed. The new date has yet to be determined. The April, 50+ Tournament sponsored by Albuquerque Senior Affairs is still scheduled by Albuquerque Senior Affairs, but that could cancel. If there are changes, we will update the information on the homepage of the website as soon as we know.

4. Final note on the Manzano Mesa Court Expansion. The Club did a great job working with local legislators and a bill was passed marking over $385,000 for the project to begin. Unfortunately, the governor did veto that portion of the bill. ALMOST THERE. There was a lot of support and hopefully, it will get done next year.

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City and County Pickleball Closures: posted on homepage as we are notified

We have been informed that the City and County are temporarily closing their indoor facilities for pickleball on Monday and Tuesday in the coming week. Please refer to the home page at for details and updated information regarding other closings or cancellations.

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Dear ABQ Pickleball Club Members,

As you are all aware, the coronavirus outbreak may affect the availability of the indoor locations where we currently play. The ABQ Pickleball Club has no say in the possible up-coming decision to close the locations where we play, whether they be APS school locations, Albuquerque or Bernalillo County community centers.

As of this writing, we have heard that the state of NM has closed all schools from March 16th for three weeks. That means that all APS schools where we have authorized play will NOT have indoor pickleball play during those dates. We have not heard any decision on the ABQ and Bernalillo County Community Centers yet. We would not be surprised to see more closings in general.

The April Senior Affairs 50+ Pickleball Tournament is still scheduled, as is the June NM Senior Games in Las Cruces. However, this is an evolving situation and could change quickly. We will communicate the latest decisions as soon as we get them.

Obviously, as an individual player, you may choose not to play, and that is solely up to the individual. If you do play, please take the health department’s recommendations to heart: Avoid shaking hands (elbow bump), don’t touch your face and wash your hands for 20 seconds. In addition, we should not handle other peoples’ paddles (which especially occurs when allocating players to the courts). Additionally, we all handle the same ball. So, wash or sanitize coming in, out, and between games.

Most important, the Health Dept. asks that you stay home if you are sick.

Thank you.

The ABQ Pickleball Club Executive Committee

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Hi ABQ Pickleball Club,

Just a reminder for everyone.

We have set up a calendar for fun events that you may want to lead or join. This calendar is for events and things outside of our regular pickleball play calendar. It can be for fun or for a social pickleball event for an evening.
An example: If you want to go hiking on a particular Saturday and want others to join you, please feel free to enter that on the social calendar with all the details.
If you want to have a fun social pickleball get together you can as well. For example:

  • John Kimbrough invites you to a March birthdays celebration on March 12
  • Joyce Sikora is going to have a St Patrick’s event 3/17.
  • Please see these calendar entries to join in and spread the word.Anyone can enter events on the social calendar. Pickleball has made so many friend connections that you want to continue the fun in other ways. So, utilize it and check it out regularly at, happy pickling and happy socializing!!**Joyce Paulsen
    ABQ Pickleball Club President
    USAPA Ambassador – Albuquerque

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    Greetings, all ABQ Pickleball Club members, family and friends of pickleball,

    David Simon, Director of Albuquerque City Parks and Recreation, thanks us for all the work we have done in successfully getting the NM State Legislature to budget $385,000 for beginning the planning and expansion of the Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts. Thanks for all your calls, emails, letters, and visits to the NM legislature in support of the project! A total of nine N.M.Representatives and five Senators included the request in their capital outlay budget. At an estimated final cost of $2.6 million, the preliminary project concept is to increase the number of courts from 18 to 36, including two championship courts, security, bathrooms and the supporting infrastructure.

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    The Senior Affairs 50+ Tournament (April 17-19) registration is now open and must be postmarked by April 10th (see printable registration form below or go to the Palo Duro Fitness Center at 3351 Monroe NE).

    This year, it will be a skill-based tournament for those 50 and older, played at the Manzano Mesa outdoor courts on April 17th (singles 1 PM start), April 18th (doubles 8am start), and April 19th (mixed doubles 8am start). Skill levels range from 2.5-5 and will be divided between 50-69 and 70 and up. Those over 70 and may choose to play in the 70 and up or in the lower age bracket. Most matches will be pool play. Pools may be combined depending on quantity of registrants.

    The cost is $12 if you are a member of Senior Affairs. The cost of an annual Senior Affairs membership is $20, which makes registrants eligible for both this tournament and the October tournament. (The Senior Affairs membership form is part of the registration form). If you are looking for a partner, you could check our Partner Search page for others who may be looking.

    50+ Registration Form

    March 7, 2020: Los Vecinos Pickleball Tournament

    Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles. Skill levels: 2.5 and 3.0.

    Registration Deadline March 4.

    Register as a team. One partner register for both.

    Fee: $7 per person. Pay fee at Los Vecinos CC when you arrive (no cash please).

    Doors open at 8 am. Start Times for each division will be posted later.

    Please click on the button below to sign up. Thank you!

    Sign Up!

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    1. February 1, there will be a Picklebowl Ladder Tournament at Manzano Mesa’s outdoor courts. Sign up with a partner and get ready for the coming tournament season! From 10-1200, sign up for men’s and women’s doubles. From 12-230, sign up for mixed doubles. Please indicate at what skill level you wish to start. There is no charge, but the Club appreciates donations, which are used to cover insurance and equipment costs. Feel free to bring food to share.

    Sign Up!

    2. March 7, 2020: Los Vecinos Pickleball Tournament
    Los Vecinos Community Center is having a tournament for Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles. Skill levels: 2.5 and 3.0. Registration Deadline March 4. Register as a team. One partner registers for both. Fee: $7 per person. Pay fee at Los Vecinos CC when you arrive (no cash please). Doors open at 8 am. Start Times for each division will be posted later. There will be awards to the winners.

    Sign Up!

    3. We were happy to receive the following notice from Garry Wolfe, Recreation Division Manager, Albuquerque Parks and Recreation: “The lighting controller is now set to allow individual pickleball court lights to turn on from 5:00PM until 10:00 PM. The light switches at each court are operational as of 1/23/20. I would like to thank the local Pickleball community for their patience exhibited during this lengthy process to rectify all of the electrical challenges.”

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    Greetings, all ABQ Pickleball Club members, family and friends of pickleball,

    WE NEED YOUR HELP! Albuquerque Parks and Recreation has created preliminary drawings for an expansion of the Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts from 18 to 36, including security and the supporting infrastructure for an estimated cost of $2.6 million. We are in full support of this potential project and are contacting the NM state legislators to request their support and funding in a project during their upcoming session which begins next week and ends in 30 days.

    You can help by:
    1. We are providing an informal script as a guideline for calling/emailing your legislators and senators in support of the project.
    2. In addition, there is a Pre-legislative Town Hall with Representative Abbas Akhil at the Manzano Mesa Multi-generational Center (501 Elizabeth SE) from 6 PM to 730 PM tonight, Friday, January 17. He is the legislator for geographic area that includes the pickleball courts. If you can attend that would be great.

    OUR GOAL is getting some funding for the Manzano Mesa Pickleball court expansion and to educate our legislators about pickleball.

    Method for finding and contacting Legislators and Senators:

    Call and/or email your House of Representative and State Senator.
    Find them by going to and input your address (on computer is easier than mobile device).
    Although you may not speak directly to the legislator, that is ok. Calling is mightier than the pen!!

    Pass this email/info to all your friends and family to have them call/email as well. They may not be a pickleball player, but they support your passion and enthusiasm for the sport. They could say how it has benefited you.

    Possible Script:
    My name is _______________ and I am a resident in your district. I am a pickleball player and want you to support expanding the Manzano Mesa Pickleball Complex in the next legislative session. The city of Albuquerque and our state can benefit even more by expanding the facility from 18 courts to 36 with bathrooms, security and support infrastructure. The total estimated cost is about $2.6 million. The increased size of the facility will allow for larger tournaments which will lead to tourism dollars and a return on the investment as well as grow the sport.

    The 10-year growth of pickleball in Albuquerque was from 45 players to 1000+ today. The Manzano Mesa Pickleball Complex is home to players from Santa Fe to Belen, Edgewood to Gallup and beyond.

    “Add your personal experience here”

    Thank you for your time and we appreciate your support.

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    • There will be a tournament at Cesar Chavez on Tuesday, January 14th from 530PM-8PM. This is for those rated 3.5, or who play at the 3.5 level(note: there will be tournaments for other levels coming up). Medals will be given for first, second and third. The play will be on 4 nets. Round 1: You will play with each person at your net. Round 2. Top person at each net will go to the top net, second to the second net, etc., and everyone will play with each person at their net. If you are interested, sign up at signup genius as soon as you are able.

    Sign Up!

    • Upcoming tournaments are listed under the Upcoming Tournaments at This includes Club and Albuquerque tournaments, as well as NM and southern Colorado. (Note: There is a tournament in Las Cruces in early February). lists many other tournaments around the country.