Club Emails

ABQ Pickleball Club periodically sends out email communications to keep our pickleball community informed of upcoming events and other pertinent information. Check here to see what emails have gone out!


Hi ABQ Pickleball Club,

Attached are two flyers regarding some teaching professionals coming to ABQ. Please contact them if you are interested in participating.

LevelUp Pickleball Camps
Pickleball with Joey Farias

There is referee training this Saturday. Yes our Club and the National Senior Games will need you!! Upcoming training this Saturday February 23rd at Paradise Hills from 9am to noon. Please contact one of the following to let them know you will be attending:
Penny Forgette at 505-270-7544,
Ron Farmer at 505-239-3662,
Nancy Lesicka at 505-710-0246,
Ken Lloyd at 505-918-6988,
Joe Martellaro at 505-899-6778,

Lastly as many of you are aware the National Senior Games of America (olympics) will need the APC (ABQ Pickleball Club) members to assist in volunteering. We have asked the venue coordinators to collect names of volunteers for our club and for the NSGA. Remember we just want to know what or where you would like to volunteer. You will not be required to volunteer for every club tournament or for all 12 days the NSGA will be playing pickleball. We just need you to do what you can.
The following are volunteer areas we NEED you. You don’t have to be a player to volunteer. If you have already submitted your name/email and cell than disregard and Thank You!

Referee – will need refs twenty each day (refs will be paid $5 and $7 for certified refs per match) – referee payorreferee board
Line Judges – will need 4 teams of 4 each day
Desk Coordinator – familiar with (software training will be given) – post results – check in
Announcement – week 2 only
Player fruit table – monitor and cut fruit in two hour shifts
Water Patrol – water stations kept full and in two hour shifts

Please email me if interested. I am collecting the information and I know our APC Members will rise to the challenge!
Email me your name, email, cell and area(s) of interest.
505.980.8787 cell if you have questions.

email as sent



There are three tournaments coming up, which are now open for registration:

1. Singles Tournament at Thomas Bell Community Center, 3001 University SE, Albuquerque NM 87106.

Dates: 2.5/3.0 level on Friday, February 15, 2019; 3.5/4.0 level on Friday, March 22, 2019

Time: Women 9:30 am (arrive at 9:00 am); Men 11:00 am (arrive at 10:30 am)

# of participants: One group of 6 women and one group of 6 men per tournament.

Format: Play each opponent in your group (i.e. men or women) one game, first to 11 points. You will play a total of 5 games. Winners are determined by win/loss results. Ties are resolved by point totals.

Sign up: If you are interested, be sure to sign up right away. Each tournament is limited to only 6 men and 6 women.

Contact person: Eva Leong Casey. Email for further info

Thomas Bell Community Center is now open for singles players on Fridays 9:30-noon.

2. The 2nd Annual Los Vecinos Fun Tournament will be held at the Los Vecinos Community Center on Saturday, March 2. This is a 2.5-3.0 Doubles Tournament; fee is $7. Women’s, Men’s and Mixed Doubles at the 2.5 level and the 3.0 level. Register at Fees can be paid at check-in on tournament day, but register in advance. (It was a great tournament last year, if you haven’t played in one before, it’s time to get your feet wet!) Format is round-robin within each of the categories. Winners get T-shirts. Refreshments and snacks provided.

3. The Senior Affairs 50+ Tournament is open for registration (see This year it is a skill-based tournament for those over 50, played at the Manzano Mesa outdoor courts on April 6 and 7th. Skill levels range from 2.5-5. April 6th is men’s and women’s doubles, April 7th is mixed doubles.



Dear Albuquerque Pickleball Club.

I have some shocking and very sad news to pass onto you. Andrew Romero who was a long time club member and one of our top players has passed away. He passed away Wednesday January 23. Andrew leaves behind a wife Gale and daughter Nadelia. We are all grieving with the family. If you would like to reach out to them with condolences, prayer and sympathy, I am passing along their address.

Gale and Nadelia Romero

8604 Mesa Top Rd

Albuquerque, NM 87120

Services will be Wednesday the 30th at 11 am at French’s Mortuary on University. Information on a reception will be forthcoming.


Joyce Paulsen

ABQ Pickleball Club President



1. Registration forms for the 50+Senior Games Skill Level Tournament are available under tournaments at and at the Palo Duro Fitness Center.  It is $12 to enter both events, doubles on Saturday, April 6 and mixed doubles Sunday, April 7th.  Membership in Albuquerque Senior Affair is required ($20 annually if you are not a current member) and can be purchased with your registration if necessary. This is a skill level tournament, but only those 50 and older may participate. The tournament will be played at the Manzano Mesa Outdoor Courts.
2. Under Tournaments at is the registration for the Desert Ridge Ladder tournament this coming Tuesday (Jan 15) and at Hoover (Jan 18).  For questions regarding the Desert Ridge Tournament please contact Sharon Lurix at; for answers to questions regarding the Hoover Tournament contact Karen Schoepke at  You can register directly with them as well as at the website.
3.  Congrats to the winners of the Cesar Chavez tournaments this week.  There were many hard-fought games.  There were 8 players in the 3.0 category and 16 in all the others.  The winners were:Monday 3.0 Barbara WellingtonTuesday 4.0  Rorik Rivenburgh

Wednesday 3.5 Greg Wellington

Friday 3.5 Greg Wellington



If you wish, sign up for any or all of the following fun-filled, free, indoor tournaments, which occur next week; partners are not needed. If you have already registered there is no need to take further action. If not, please register online at (Go to drop down menu: tournaments and scroll to each one that you wish to register for). Since the tourneys are indoors, registration is limited.

1. Cesar Chavez: On January 7,8,9,11 from 1030 to 1230 there will be skill level net play. There will be 4 nets; you play with everyone else at your net; the winners of each net go to the top net; the second place goes to the second net, and so on; playing with everyone at that net. There is a trophy for the winner. Register by approximate skill level. On January 7th, 3.0, January 8th 4.0+, January 9th 3.5 and January 11th 3.5. From 830 to 1030 at Cesar Chavez, there will be normal open play on those days. If more information is needed, email Gary Rutherford (

2. Desert Ridge will have a tournament on January 15th (6-8 PM) and Hoover (6-8PM) on January 18th. Both are ladder-style tournaments. If more information is needed on Desert Ridge, email Sharon Lurix (; or on Hoover, email: Karen Schoepke (



1. We know many of you feared it was too late, but New Year’s is still almost two weeks away, leaving lots of time to give a charitable contribution (paddles, nets, monies) to the ABQ Pickleball Club this tax year. Since the ABQ Pickleball Club is affiliated with the New Mexico Senior Sports Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, your entire contribution is tax deductible to the full extent provided by law. The Foundation’s federal ID number is 85-0373947. Donations can be given to any Executive Board officer or mailed in via the attachment. You can also download a donation form at

The ABQ Pickleball Club is an all-volunteer non-profit, which uses money received from grants and donations (there are no club dues) to provide balls and nets at all indoor facilities and for much of the outdoor play. We coordinate with the city and county on operating indoor and outdoor venues, partner with NM Games in providing tournaments, partner with the city on providing other pickleball tournaments, conduct open houses, sponsor mini-tournaments, provide discounts on paddles and equipment, and our members volunteer to provide pickleball training for adults and children at schools.

Thanks for being part of this fun-filled, giving community!

2. Early next year, the following three free (donations accepted) indoor tournaments are scheduled. (Please register online at Since the tourneys are indoors, registration is limited.)

a. Cesar Chavez: On January 7,8,9,11 from 1030 to 1230 there will be skill level net play. There will be 4 nets; you play with everyone else at your net; the winners of each net go to the top net; the second place goes to the second net, and so on; playing with everyone at that net. There is a trophy for the winner. This is by approximate skill level. On January 7th, 3.0, January 8th 4.0+, January 9th 3.5 and January 11th 3.5.

b. Desert Ridge will have a tournament on January 15th(6-8) and Hoover (6-8)on January 18th. Both are ladders tournaments.



1.  Courts have been reserved for a fun doubles ladder from 6-8 PM on Tuesday (December 4th) at Desert Ridge, and  from 6-8 PM on Friday(December 7th) at Hoover Middle School.   You do not need a partner, and all skill levels are invited. Because the facilities are limited, we are asking that you email Gary Rutherford ( if you plan to attend the Desert Ridge ladder, or Karen Schoepke( if you plan to attend the Hoover ladders.

2.  If the demand is sufficient, we would like to request the use of Don Newton-Taylor Ranch Community Center at 4900 Kachina NW (Montano & Kachina)  on Friday nights from 615-845 PM. Please email Gary Rutherford ( if you feel you would play there (please note whether you would expect to play frequently or occasionally).  Please note that there are other competing uses, such that there is no guarantee our request will be successful.

3.  For those who know Ruth Madrid, Venue Coordinator at Sandia Prep, please find an update on her health crisis and how you can help, on under “recent posts“.



The Senior Affairs Compete and Meet Tournament has the following check in and start times for this Saturday (Nov 17) and Sunday (Nov18). All matches will be played at Roosevelt Middle School.

Saturday: Sunday:

Arrive at 7:30 to play at 8am: Arrive at 7:30 to play at 8am:

Women Doubles 50-59 Mixed doubles 60-4

Men Doubles 60 to infinity

Arrive at 10 to play at 10:30 Arrive at 10:30 to play at 11:00

Men’s Doubles 50-59 Mixed Doubles 65-9

Mixed Doubles 70-4

Arrive at 1230 to play at 1 Arrive at 1:00 to play at 1:30

Women 60 to infinity Mixed Doubles 50-9

Please check in at the arrival time at the north entrance to the gym. Please check to insure your registration is correct.

As always, bringing food for participants and volunteers to eat at the tournament is appreciated.

2. Hoover Middle School is opening this Friday. A note from the current venue coordinators at Hoover regarding play this week and the remainder of the season:

Opening day is this Friday from 6-8. Feel free to practice with your partner for the tournament, or just come and play. Our plans for this year are new, which include the introduction of innovative, challenging and entertaining non-standard ladder competitions and dink tournaments, tag game, challenge courts, as well as flexible open play. We also look forward to shaping the activities around the concepts and suggestions of attendees. Different activities will be scheduled and advertised on a weekly basis. Please come out and join us for some fun and relaxing pickleball activities on Friday nights. We look forward to seeing a great group of people for some fun Pickleball!

3. Many of the evening indoor venues have opened or are opening, including several of the schools. Watch shutterfly for days open and closed. Roosevelt Middle School is currently open Tuesday and Thursday (7-9), weather dependent on weekends. LBJ is open on Mondays (530-8), Alamosa (530-8) and Paradise Hills Community Center (715-9) on Wednesdays, Cesar Chavez Community Center (530-730) on Thursdays. This Friday is the grand opening at Hoover Middle School (Fridays 6-8). After Thanksgiving, Desert Ridge Middle School will open on November 27th (and then Tuesdays and Thursdays at those times).



November 17/18 tournament/ Results of the Tag Team Doubles Tournament

1. Reminder: the tournament registration for the November 17-18th indoor tournament will close on November 8th: registration forms are available at the Palo Duro Senior Fitness Center (3351 Monroe NE) and Fee is $10 per event (membership in the department of senior affairs is required. Those who are not yet members may procure a membership for $20 at Senior Centers or with the registration). Play will be at Roosevelt Middle School and Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center, so check for indoor places to practice. This is an age-bracketed tournament, 50-59, 60-4, 65-9, 70-4, 75+ (age brackets may be combined if necessary). November 17th will be men’s and women’s doubles, and November 18th, mixed doubles. Entries are limited, and a waiting list will be developed. If you have any questions, contact Palo Duro Fitness Center at 880-2800 or Gary Rutherford (, 507-3663).

2. Congratulations to the Hennessey Quartet (Robert and Kelly Hennessey, Eddie Enriquez, and Ron Farmer) who won the tag team doubles tournament (although slightly off key). There were 50 players and the weather cooperated perfectly.

3. Thomas Bell Community Center is now open for singles players on Fridays. Check your for this and other indoor facilities pickleball openings.



1. We know there may be a few of our members that have purchased their own nets, which may be gathering dust. The Club would be grateful if we could purchase nets from our members at $50/net. You get more storage room at your home and a few dollars to put in the Piggy Bank! We get lovingly used nets for the benefit of our members and conserve $$$$, which we use for upcoming events and needs.

2. Courts have been reserved for a tag team doubles ladder tournament from 10-12 on October 20th at the Manzano Mesa Courts. There is no fee, but donations are always gratefully accepted. The format is timed ladder. Teams are groups of 4 (no gender or skill requirements for team makeup). For example: A and B start on the court together. Whenever A hits the ball, “A” cannot hit it again until C hits the ball. Whenever B hits the ball, “B” cannot hit it again until D strikes the ball. Then the process reverses, if C hits the ball, they can’t touch it again until A hits the ball and so on. As usual, bagels will be provided, and any refreshments people wish to bring is welcome. There will be trophies. Please register on

3. Registration for the November 17-18th indoor tournament is now open: registration forms are available at the Palo Duro Senior Fitness Center (3351 Monroe NE), or here. Fee is $10 per event (membership in the Department of Senior Affairs is required. Those who are not yet members may procure a membership for $20 at Senior Centers or with the registration). Play will be at Roosevelt Middle School and Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center, so check for indoor places to practice. This is an age-bracketed tournament, 50-59, 60-4, 65-9, 70-4, 75+ (age brackets may be combined if necessary). November 17th will be men’s and women’s doubles, and November 18th, mixed doubles. Entries are limited, and a waiting list will be maintained. If you have any questions, contact Palo Duro Fitness Center at 880-2800 or Gary Rutherford (, 507-3663).

4. On October 27th, there will be an important training that could help save a life: At Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center from 12 pm-1:30, there will be a CPR/AED training. From 1:45 to 2:45 there will be First Aid Training. Please RSVP to M’Lee Beazley at 220-0219 or



1. The ABQ Pickleball Club is partnering with ABQ Parks & Recreation and the USAPA in a City-sponsored invitation to Balloon Fiesta guests (specifically RVers) to come to Manzano Mesa Courts to learn/play pickleball. The dates are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 8-10th from 4-6pm. There will be 6 Courts set aside for this each day (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 7,8 & 9), and they will be clearly marked. We are participating in teaching and/or playing with out-of-town guests. We have a list of several volunteers to date. If you wish to participate, please let Nancy Lesicka (, 505-710-0246) know by email or text what days you would be willing to be an ABQ PICKLEBALL CLUB AMBASSADOR for Balloon Fiesta guests.

2. Registration for the November 17-18th indoor tournament will begin on October 11th: registration forms will be available at the Palo Duro Senior Fitness Center (3351 Monroe NE) and on-line at Fee will be $10 (membership in the department of senior affairs is required. Those who are not yet members may procure a membership for $20 at Senior Centers or with the registration). Play will be at Roosevelt Middle School, so check for indoor places to practice (more are opening this week and next.) This is an age-bracketed tournament, 50-59, 60-4, 65-9, 70-4, 75+ (age brackets may be combined if necessary). November 17th will be men’s and women’s doubles, and November 18th, mixed doubles. Entries are limited, and a waiting list will be developed. If you have any questions, contact Palo Duro Fitness Center at 880-2800 or Gary Rutherford (, 507-3663).

3. Notice to all playing outdoors at Manzano Mesa: Be alert! There have been several robberies from cars this year. Make sure you lock your car and hide any valuables.

4. A petition is being circulated requesting restrooms and water fountains at the Manzano Mesa Courts. See your venue coordinator or check the Manzano Mesa Courts on Saturdays if you wish to sign. Note that signatures are not restricted to pickleball players.



1. Joey Farias (bio:, pickleball pro and teacher, is stopping thru ABQ at the Manzano Mesa Courts this evening (September 17th) at 7 PM and tomorrow (September 18th). He will play with those available (and give tips at no charge tonight and tomorrow morning).

Tomorrow, September 18th, starting at approximately 10 am he is offering 90-minute clinics for $40. Costs are $40 per 90 minutes, limit of 8. Let Gary(, 5055073663) know if you are interested in a clinic beginning at 10, 11:30, 1, 2:30. Thanks.

2. Cesar Chavez will not be open in the mornings until October 8th. Thursday evening 5:30-8 will start this this week, on September 20th. Good practice for the indoor November Tournament.

3. On October 4th, a new facility will be open for indoor play from 9:30-12 every Thursday. 4 courts at the Thomas Bell Community Center, 3001 University Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. It is located near the airport and has an excellent gym.



1.  Thanks to all who helped make the Labor Day Classic a success.  We had 155 people sign up and a great, hotly contested tournament, in spite of the rainy start Saturday.  Thanks to all the participants, sponsors, volunteers, and food providers. We had a great group of volunteers, armed with brooms and blowers on Saturday.   The results are posted at under past tournaments.  In addition, we had a lot of help making this possible: we want to thank our parent organization, NM Senior Sports Foundation, as well as Albuquerque Parks and Recreation, Albuquerque Senior Affairs, and NM Games.

2.  Be sure to check on for places to play. Many of the indoor venues have opened or will open shortly.  New openings coming up are the Alamosa Community Center this Wednesday at 5:30 PM and next week Cesar Chavez Community Center opens Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 to 10:30 AM, and Thursday night from 5:30 to 7:45.  Try out the play at these facilities!

A heads-up on some of the indoor facilities:  Manzano Mesa, indoors, has not been getting sufficient attendance for pickleball.  Their facility management is considering replacing pickleball with other activities.  If you prefer indoors, and wish to retain the indoor facilities through the winter months, you might consider playing at some of the indoor locations.



1. The August 25th doubles ladder is almost full. All who have registered to date are in the ladder: if you need to drop out please send an email. There are still a few openings left. We will respond to all future registrations as to whether we are able to get them in. Register at ABQ As always, those who wish to bring snacks for the participants are appreciated.

2. The deadline for the Labor Day Classic tournament at Manzano Mesa is August 26th. All registrations are at If you need a partner, click on more info, then players needing partners and email them. $35 covers all events. The first 150 registrations get towels, tote bags, and pickleball paddle handles (currently there are approximately 140 registered). Also, we need volunteers for check-in each morning, as well as to sell raffles, and people to take Dion food orders (noonish). If you are able to help, please send your name and times available to Gary at As always, the Club welcomes all food brought to the event for the participants and volunteers. To sign up to bring food, please fill out the following link: Accessing the spreadsheet is simple. If you’re accessing from a computer, click on an empty box and type. When you’re finished, there’s no need to “save”. Whatever you type, will stay. If you’re accessing it from a smart phone, you will need the free app Google Sheets. Bring some food, meet new people, and share some laughs! Good luck to all in the tourney!

3. Coach Andy G is stopping thru ABQ this week as part of his SPT (Strategic Pickleball Training) Teaching Tour, offering several different coaching clinics. “Coach Andy G” is known for his unique method of instruction, as compared to tennis instructors, since he comes from a 40+yr Open level background in racquetball and squash. He is also the coach to top rated Pickleball Pro Kyle Yates.

Coach Andy G’s Clinics are all being held at Manzano Mesa outdoor courts – August 23 – 26. Check our website at for details.

Please visit his website for more information about “Coach Andy G”, his programs including definitions of training types, and this newly released video:

To register, please email:

Stacie Barron,

ABQ Pickleball League Coordinator


Or you can contact Coach Andy directly:

Andy Gutierrez




1. There will be a double’s ladder tournament at Manzano Mesa outdoor court on August 25th. The tournament is free (donations are appreciated) and open to all. Registration is at Include your partner’s name and an estimate of skill level. Individuals can sign up for both doubles and mixed doubles. Starting times for men’s and women’s doubles will be at 9 am and mixed doubles at 12. This is an opportunity to practice for the ABQ Pickleball Club Labor Day Classic (Sep 1-3, registration at Each game will last approximately 12 minutes, the team with the most points moves up a net; the team with the least points moves down a net. Space is limited. The flyer is attached for those who would like to post it at the venues or elsewhere.

2. We are assessing interest in applying for pickleball time in several possible night venues this winter. (note: we expect the following to be open to pickleball this year: LBJ Middle School(Mondays), Roosevelt Middle School(Tuesday/Thursday), Cesar Chavez CC (Thursday), Los Duranes CC (Monday), Paradise Hills CC (Wednesday)). Please indicate whether you would attend the locations below: frequently/occasionally and on what night:

Desert Ridge Middle School (Barstow/Paseo del Norte area): 6:00-8:00 Tuesday

Desert Ridge Middle School: 6:00-8:00 Thursday

Hoover Middle School (Comanche/Juan Tabo area): 6:00-8:00 Tuesday

Hoover Middle School: 6:00-8:00 Friday

Alamosa Community Center(Bridge/Coors area): 6:00-8:00 Wednesday

Alamosa Community Center: 5:00-7:00 Friday

Note: All three have been contacted and expressed interest in offering pickleball, but no final decisions have been made.

Doubles Ladder Flyer



1. The Heart Hospital of NM Foundation has generously donated an AED (automated external defibrillator) to the ABQ Pickleball Club for use at tournaments/events. There is an important free course for people to learn how to use it. There have been many events throughout the country where use of an AED has been critical to someone’s survival. The course is on Wednesday, August 15th at the Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center at 1:30 PM. Flyer is attached. Please register online at or contact Adeline Apodaca at by Monday August 13th.

If you would like to take the class, but are unable to make this one, let us know, and we will schedule an additional class.

2. The deadline for signing up for the Labor Day Classic Pickleball Tournament is less than three weeks away. Registration is at $35 is the total for singles, doubles and mixed. If you don’t have a partner for a double’s event, check the event you wish to play on the registration form (without listing a partner), and pickleballtournaments will list you as looking for a partner in the event.

3. The summer singles leagues have ended. However, don’t despair! Drop-in singles (9 am-1130 am) at the Manzano Mesa Outdoor Pickleball Courts has begun. Eva will have the board and sign-in sheet.



Hi Abq Pickleball!

We are in a search for companies or businesses that maybe interested in sponsoring a court for our September tournament.

Court sponsors will be able to hang their banner on the court. Every time the court is announced, we will call it the “Golden Pride court” for example. they can also bring freebies,or information to hand out or that we can give out with check-in. The price for court sponsorship will be $250.00 for the weekend for the 6 courts that face the bleachers, and $100 for any other court.

Since we are a non-profit, This also will be a tax deductible donation!

If you have a business that is interested in this opportunity to support Albuquerque Pickleball and get some publicity for your business, OR if you know someone with a business that I can contact to discuss , Please email Gretchen at or call me at 505-385-1626.

We hope to make our first Club tournament a big success!

Thanks for your help!

Gretchen D



1. The National Veterans Golden Age Games has asked that the ABQ Pickleball Club assist with their pickleball games by reffiing and scorekeeping. This is an excellent low-key way to practice reffing/scorekeeping. Many of the veterans are not experienced pickleball players, and some may need referees that will explain the rules to them as they go. The times listed below are those that, as of last weekend, still needed volunteers. Note that the tournament play is one game to 11, single elimination, such that the volunteer times may be less than depicted below. Volunteers can sign up by going to and picking one or more time slots. Thanks

Please see the grid below on the number of volunteers needed:


Date Time # of volunteers requested # of volunteers scheduled # of volunteers needed

Aug 4th 2PM to 4PM 20 19 1

4PM to 6PM 20 7 13

Aug 5th 8AM to 12PM 20 7 13

Aug 6th 8Am to 12PM 20 15 5

Aug 7th 1PM to 5PM 20 8 12

5PM to 9PM 20 8 12

Aug 8th 8AM to 12PM 20 5 15

12PM to 3PM 20 3 17

8AM to 10AM 20 1 19

10AM to 12PM 20 2 18

12PM to 3PM 20 7 13

2. Congratulations to Eva (Gold), Kris (Silver) and Linda (Bronze) for their play in the women’s 3.0/3.5 singles league. For those interested in women’s drop-in singles, it will begin this Friday, August 3 from 8-12. Most players are 3.0/3.5, but all levels are welcome.



The 32nd Annual National Veterans Golden Age Games (NVGAG) are coming to Albuquerque, August 4 – 8, 2018. The National Veterans Golden Age Games is the only national multi-event sports and recreational seniors’ competition program designed to improve the quality of life for older veterans, including those with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. The event is open to veterans 55 and older, who receive VA healthcare. This year, Pickleball will be a included as a competitive event for the first time, and the events will be held at the Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts. Approximately 157 participants, in various age ranges, have signed up for these Pickleball events.

The Pickleball Committee of the 32nd Annual NVGAG is looking for Pickleball players willing to serve as scorekeepers for this event. Below is a grid detailing the dates and times the events will be held, with the number of required scorekeepers in parenthesis. Please be aware that this number is only needed at the beginning of the event, and will reduce as players/teams are eliminated.

Sat Aug 4

Sun Aug 5

Mon Aug 6

Tues Aug 7

Wed Aug 8

8 am – Noon (18)

8 am – Noon (1)

1 pm -5 pm (18)

8 am – Noon (18)

2 pm -6 pm (18)

5 pm -9 pm (18)

1 pm -4 pm (7)

We are also looking for approximately 4 volunteers for each event to assist with registration, guiding participants to their courts, bringing water to participants, etc. Volunteers will be provided with water throughout the day and volunteers serving a 4 hours block will receive a meal.

Volunteers can sign up by going to and picking one or more time slots. Please see attached flyer for additional information and feel free to distribute widely.

All the best,

Charlotte Ryff, BSB

Clnical Affiliations Coordinator

Room 5C-109, ext. 4587

NVGAG Pickleball Volunteer Recruitment flyer (1)



We have an Eat, Meet and Compete scheduled for Friday, July 27th at Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts. The Venue Coordinators (Managing Council) will meet indoors at Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center at 4 PM. Any ABQ Pickleball Club member who wishes to attend or share their ideas is welcome to attend. Thoughts on what the club should do more of, less of, or start doing are particularly welcome. The meeting will lead off with a forum for input from club members. Or just come and eat and play! Folks can start play at 5:30, eat and continue to play under the lights. There will be club balls, extra paddles provided. If you desire, bring food to share, so we can eat at the courts.

Don’t forget the ABQ Pickleball Club’s first tournament is now open for registration at The tournament is over the Labor Day weekend (September 1-3) and is by skill level (no age restrictions). Registration is $35 for all events, Doubles starts at 8 am September 1, Mixed doubles at 8 am September 2nd and singles at 8 am September 3rd. The location is the Manzano Mesa outdoor courts.



1. The ABQ Pickleball Club coordinates the pickleball segment of the NM Senior Olympics. Registration for pickleball has increased dramatically this year compared to last year. As a result, the demand for refs and desk help has increased. The tournament is July 18th, 19th, and 20th. Some of you have already volunteered through NM Senior Olympics or emailed ( previously indicating your willingness to ref, and we appreciate it very much. If you can spare 4 hours to help ref (in blocks of time or when not playing scattered over the three days), please email Gary ( with your address, phone and possible times available, or if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator (Wendy Luck) at 505-210-1930 or by email at If you contact one of us this week and include shirt size, you will also receive a volunteer shirt. If you can ref for less than 4 hours, that is appreciated as well. If you have already signed up, no need to do it again. Additionally, for those who would like referee training (not a requirement to volunteering), there is a training coming up on July 14th at 9am at Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center: the referee committee is offering an indoor class, followed by courtside instruction at the gym. Contact Joe Martellaro @ to register.

2. As you know, the ABQ Pickleball Club is an affiliate of the New Mexico Senior Sports Foundation(501c3). There is a fund raiser on July 7 from 10:00-2:00 where items are collected for Goodwill. Goodwill will compensate the Foundation for bins filled at the rate of $50/each. Start collecting your treasures now and bring them to the collection site. See Goodwill Donation Drive – 2018 flyer describing the event as well as what they are accepting. Lois Gray has agreed to be the coordinator for this fundraiser, so please direct any questions to her at or call her at 918-1388. No large items please.



1. There were 127 participants at the NM Games June 8-10. Congrats to all the players for a very competitive tournament with many long matches. Also, we wish to thank the many club members who worked at organization, registration, communications, desk and announcements, reffing, lunch order and raffle table, brought food and helped so much in running the tournament. It couldn’t have been done without them. Also, thanks to Tonnie Doose and Dennis Gallant for donating their split raffle to the club – Gary

The results are posted at pickleballtournaments under past tournaments:; look for Past Tournaments; scroll down to NM Games and check ‘Results’.

NM Games Pickleball was included on KOB news Sunday. The link is:

2. ABQ Pickleball Club Labor Day Classic is now open for registration on This is a skill level tournament over the labor day weekend (September 1: doubles, September 2: mixed doubles, September 3: singles). All proceeds go to the ABQ Pickleball Club for nets, balls, training, etc. If you can play, register early to encourage others in and out of state.



• NM Games Start Times: Friday June 8th thru Sunday June 10th

Please go to games-show player list, which will show you the events you have been registered in. Also, please call your partner and let them know the times. Below are the check-in and start times.

Friday: Check-in begins at 8:30, matches at 9:00 for all singles except men’s 2.5/3.0. Men’s 2.5/3.0 has a check-in starting at 9:00 for a start time of 9:30.

Saturday: Check-in begins at 7:30 for all women’s and men’s doubles except men doubles 3.0/3.5. Play begins at 8:00. For men’s 2.5/3.5 check in is at 9:00 for play beginning by approximately 9:30.

Sunday: Check-in begins at 7:30, matches at 8:00 for all mixed doubles groups.

Bring sunscreen and hydration. If you can bring food to share, it would be greatly appreciated by the players, volunteers, and other spectators. We will collect money at the opening for a split-the-pot raffle and for those wishing to order from Dion’s at a discounted menu (food to be brought at 11:30).

• There are still openings for Scott Moore’s clinics on Monday. Additionally, he has opened a clinic from 4-6 on June 10th, the last day of the tournament. Be sure to read Joyce’s review at Further Information is on the attached flyer.



1. Registration for NM Games will close on June 1. You can register electronically at or download mail in registration forms at Singles start at 11 am on June 8, doubles at 8 am on June 9th, and mixed doubles at 8 am on June 10th. There are no age restrictions, and the tournament is based on skill levels. If you need a partner, check on and for players looking for partners.

2. There are still openings for the modified dink tournament this Thursday at 9 am at the Manzano Mesa Outdoor Courts (check-in at 8:45 am). All four players start at the no-volley zone line as though a perfect 3rd shot was made. The first 3 shots must be in the no-volley zone: subsequent shots can be anywhere on the court. This is great practice for the coming tournaments. The play will be in ladder format, sign up with a partner, or we can try and find you a partner.

3. The singles league has approximately 30 players. Registration will close on May 20th. Email Gary Rutherford ( if you wish to play. You will be scheduling your matches at a time that works for both players. This is also great practice for the coming tournaments.




This is an appeal for volunteers to collect attendance at the NM Games basketball satellite venues over the Memorial Day weekend on behalf of NM Senior Sports Foundation, our umbrella organization through which we gain our tax-exempt status for donations, etc.

Sign up now for one or more 4-5 hour shifts at Valley High, Sandia High, Del Norte High, Hope Christian School or as a reserve.

​G​o to​, or call Scott Herron directly at​ Phone: 505.299.7768 or E-mail:

Thank you very much for helping out!