Outdoor Courts – Update

On Monday, August 10th, ABQ  Pickleball Club and USA Pickleball representatives met with members of Parks and Recreation, with whom we have been in collaboration on court expansion for some time.The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the expansion of pickleball courts in all parts of the city, rather than concentrate courts in only one or two areas.  The following are the main points from the meeting:

1.  Parks and Recreation has been analyzing tennis courts throughout the city as to which courts would best be used to include pickleball lines. They are getting estimates on painting pickleball court lines on up to 56 courts on existing tennis courts.   These are in addition to the parks that are currently lined for pickleball.

2.  Parks and Recreation will include signage on all the new and existing parks that specifies court usage is for both tennis and pickleball.

3.  Additionally, the ABQ Pickleball Club is working with the City on repainting existing courts as needed.  The first ones to be repainted will be the Hoffman courts.

Parks and Recreation has been a great partner to work with on expanding pickleball within the community.  We encourage you to thank them whenever you can!

About ABQ Pickleball Club

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