Positive Test?

Many people have expressed concern that with all the switching of partners at Manzano Mesa, there is no way of knowing if they have played with someone who has later tested positive for Covid-19. While the Club is not having any pickleball events and does not manage the courts, we recommend that anyone who tests positive notify those they have played with, and conversed with, over the past time period in order to give those folks the heads-up that they may want to go get tested. This is simplified if players personally keep track of the players with whom they have played, courts, times, and dates. If you are unsure who you played with over the time period, but wish to notify the Club’s website that you have tested positive, contact a member of the executive team (contact info is located at abqpickleball.com) with the times and days you have played. Your name will not be given out on the website, just the bare facts of day and time will be listed.

About ABQ Pickleball Club

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