Manzano Mesa Courts Operation

In an effort to keep Manzano Mesa courts open for the public and not have to close them completely due to the social distancing laws, Albuquerque Parks and Recreation will set them up the following way starting Saturday May 2, 2020:

Only the west entrance will be open.
Up to 4 people per court
Set up during peak times – 7 days a week 8a -12p & 5p – 8p:

• Parks and Recreation will have staff at the west entrance regulating the number of people inside the fenced area
• maximum capacity is 72 (4 players per court)
• While waiting for a court – players will be required to be outside of the fenced area and practice social distancing – 6 feet apart
• Once they are done playing, they will need to leave the gated area immediately
• Staff will let people in and assign a court as other players leave
• Court time is limited to 1 ½ hours if people are waiting.
• Players will leave their name and how many in their party with staff at the gate – their name will be called when a court becomes available
• If they leave or do not come when their name is called – they will be moved to the bottom of the list after second call no show – removed (just like at a Restaurant)

The City of Albuquerque will provide Bathrooms, Water, Hand sanitizer.

The staff manning the front gate are doing what has been assigned to them and have no say in what or how things are being done. The goal is to be able to keep the courts open.

As the Manzano Mesa courts are being used more and more it is a good time to remind those parking at the Manzano Mesa courts to not leave valuables in their cars. There were four vehicles broken into on May 12th at the MM south lot. We did bring it to the attention of the police.

It is a sad situation but none the less we want to give you a heads up to avoid a possible vehicle break in not matter where you are playing.

Take care and be safe on the courts.

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