Volunteer Opportunities

The ABQ Pickleball Club is asking for your help. We are just too big to do all the many things that are required and are just getting burnt out. The Executive Team needs volunteers to help and advise on many activities. This club, your club, is large and has enough talent, passion and skills to share.  If you do not want to do the administrative stuff but want to contribute in some way, now is the time. There will not be meetings you have to attend unless you want to. We just need fresh eyes, new ideas and participation from you, who are all members of OUR club.

Taking President Kennedy’s words…Ask not what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club!!

Please sign up below listing your interest and we will get back to you. If we don’t have members contributing in some way this upcoming year, your officers will be strained and more ineffective because they are doing too much.

Can we get you to jump in as an advisor/coordinator of something or join/lead a committee etc., etc.?? No contribution is too small or too big.


Thanks for your time, and we can’t wait to be bombarded with help!

Sign Up!

About ABQ Pickleball Club

New Mexico's largest pickleball club offering free open pickleball play at various indoor and outdoor venues year-round.
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