Fall 2019 Pickleball League

The new Round Robin Leagues will kick-off next week at Manzano Mesa outdoor courts! You can check the ABQ Pickleball Club Shutterfly Calendar for details and ongoing information (https://abqpickleballers.shutterfly.com/calendar). 
There are two revisions to the previous League email:
1) Addition of a 3.0/3.5 Thursday Evening Round Robin League (per request).
2) Replacement of the 4.0 Wednesday Morning Team League with a Thursday Morning Round Robin League (per request/feedback – the day also changed so that the 4.0 evening and morning leagues do not fall on the same day).

Here is the final weekly schedule starting Tuesday, September 10th. Be sure to check start times as they vary from league to league.


About ABQ Pickleball Club

New Mexico's largest pickleball club offering free open pickleball play at various indoor and outdoor venues year-round.
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