Helpful Hints

Here are two items that are a must for athletic injuries.

(1) a bag of crushed ice. Preferable (two) -1 gal. zip lock baggies. Mix 3 cups of water, and 1 cup of 91% rubbing alcohol. Place in freezer, and you will have crushed ice that can be placed on a knee or the curvature of the shoulder. Use for 20 minutes, several times a day.

2) Most of us come from an era where athletic tape was used for wrapping ankle, etc. Something that is just as good is kinesio tape that is sold online. Google- Kinesio, and look for KT SyntheticTape, $12.99 for 20 pre-cut strips, now on discount (5/11/16). Charts on how to apply the tape are available for free. Avoid ordering the cotton tape, it is cheaper, but not as effective.

by Sam Sandoval

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