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WHO ARE WE? The ABQ Pickleball Club has over 300 members who have signed memberships for the 2015/2016 years, and a dynamic proposed yearly agenda which is located below. We play at public courts for which there is no charge. Our club has no dues, and because of generous donations, we do not anticipate needing to ask for dues in the near future.

WHAT WE DO? The ABQ Pickleball Club provides balls, nets, coordinates with the city and county on operating indoor and outdoor venues, partners with NM Games in providing tournaments (including the current USAPA sanctioned September tournament), partners with the city on providing other pickleball tournaments, conducts open houses, sponsors mini-tournaments, provides discounts on paddles and equipment, and our members provide pickleball training for adults and schools. We fully support the construction of the Manzano Mesa Permanent Pickleball Courts. Click here to read the full report of 2015 activities and accomplishments.

WHY SHOULD I JOIN? Although there is no charge, becoming a member entitles you to vote on club issues and keeps you informed of openings and closings of facilities as well as providing you with the latest news on upcoming tournaments and activities.

HOW DO I JOIN THE CLUB? Download and fill out the membership form.

HOW DO I DONATE TO THE CLUB? We are a member of and receive support from the NM Senior Sports Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit; as such donations are deductible. Contact any officer to make a donation or download this donation form and send it in with your check.

ABQ Pickleball Club is a group of (mostly) seniors playing pickleball at various locations around Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Our goals are to be welcoming to all levels of players, promote and publicize pickleball, encourage the development of new facilities, retain and expand the use of current facilities, provide the necessary equipment, encourage new players to learn and participate (via open houses, learning nets, etc.), increase club activities (leagues, fun tournaments, etc.), and run tournaments. The Club is operated as an affiliate of the New Mexico Senior Sports Foundation, a Non-Profit (501 (c)3) corporation. Where revenues exceed expenses, the net gain shall be used to foster continued Club growth and activity.

Our mailing address is:
ABQ Pickleball Club
PO Box 20846
Albuquerque, NM 87154

Email: abqpickleball@gmail.com

Make comments on anything that interests you on our blog at abqpickleballforum


ABQ Pickleball Club
2015 Financial Statements
prepared by Gretchen Denman, Treasurer

ABQ Pickleball 2015 Profit and Loss

Balance Sheet 2015

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to ABQ Pickleball Club, you may use this Donation Form.


2016 Club Minutes

To view the minutes of the February 2, 2016 Managing Council Meeting,  click here


ABQ Pickleball Club

2015 Review / 2016 Preview

Management Council (MC) Report from Executive Team (ET)

  • Club Goals:
    1. Welcoming all levels of players
    2. Promoting and publicizing Pickleball
    3. Development of new facilities, expanding use of current facilities
    4. Providing needed resources to operate venues for Pickleball
    5. Encourage new players to learn and participate
    6. Organize tournaments
  • Performance to Goals by MC & ET :
  • Management council/Executive Team Self-Assessment grade: A
    1. Created a healthy/positive team atmosphere to manage the affairs of the Club
    2. We did this together in 9-10 months since reorganization
  • By Laws
    1. By Laws written and ratified by board
    2. Excellent effort by Bill Burch and team
  • Club Logo Design
    1. Logo created, ratified and in use
    2. Many thanks to Jamie Garcia for her creativity in designing our logo
  • Web Site
    1. Web site has become a very good source of information and has raised our public profile
    2. Kudos to Dale Reynolds for content management, web design, web site maintenance
    3. Lots of information on Pickleball
  • Membership Drive
    1. Over 300 members officially signed up!!
    2. Great effort by all venue coordinators and others in helping recruit members
    3. Diligent and meticulous record keeping by Dale Reynolds
  • Communication
    1. Email communication is great!
    2. Regular updates at venues
    3. Flyers at some venues
  • Advertising
    1. Great club brochure and banner
    2. Attractive T-Shirts with Club logo – Thanks to Connie and Albert Chavez
  • City/County Relations
    1. Presentations to City Councilors and 1:1 communications have created an awareness, interested and support of Pickleball activities. Great job by Bob Ashmore and Gary Rutherford
    2. Select school support via Thank You cards and donations
    3. Lunch meetings with select key individuals



  • Community Outreach
    1. Open houses – 1 organized in August
    2. Newspaper / TV /Radio – information sharing
  • Special Events
    1. CPR Classes – Special thanks to Linda Martellaro and Jim Forgham
  • Tournaments
    1. Recognition by USAPA!
    2. Great participation; lot of fun and good feedback from all
    3. Good response from players to be referees
    4. Great support from local businesses during our tournaments (Thanks to Gretchen Denman)
    5. Thanks to Richie and Joyce for paddle, audio support at our flag ship USAPA sponsored tournament
  • Venue Management
    1. Thanks to all the VCs – your hard work and dedication is what is sustaining the Club!
    2. Great effort in signing up new members, getting all necessary forms and encouraging players to play in tournaments.
    3. Thanks to Dan Romero for repair of bags and nets
  • Elections
    1. Good interest in serving on ET
    2. Adherence to the requirements per the By laws
  • Fiscal Responsibility
    1. Thanks to many donors for the generous donations to the Club
    2. We have a healthy financial foundation and a good Treasurer
  • ET Dynamics
    1. Great team dynamics (sometimes sweetened by pies at Village Inn)
  • Club Indicators
    1. Great data to review, share and improve our performance
  • Areas of Improvement:
    1. Tournament management
    2. Coaching – playing techniques, strategy, personal frustration management, elimination of negativity transmission (caused by frustration, anger and always criticizing your partner for all the missed shots and points)
    3. Equipment maintenance
    4. ET visits to each venue and listening to players
    5. Reinforcing positive on and off court behavior
  • 2016 Preview
    1. New ET takes over
    2. Some venues have new venue coordinators
    3. Calendar of events published




Please click here to review and/or print the new ByLaws of the ABQ Pickleball Club, approved by the Managing Council on July 28, 2015.

We continue to be a “bottom-up” organization, meaning the 16 venues we have coordinated with the help of the city are headed up by the venue coordinators elected from the venue pickleballers. All pickleball players (unless they opt out) are considered to be members of the club with the venue coordinators serving as the Managing Council. The Managing Council elects an Executive Team which can be removed by the council at any time. The Executive Team consists of: President – Bob Ashmore, Vice President – Joyce Montoya, Secretary – Linda Martellaro, Treasurer – Gretchen Denman, Community Outreach – Gary Rutherford.

ABQ Pickleball Club Managing Council: 12/9/2015
Venue Last Name First Name email
Cesar Chavez Rutherford Gary ruthergary@ad.com
Eisenhower Rutherford Gary ruthergary@ad.com
Hoover Chavez Albert achavez1217@qwestoffice.net
LBJ Sedillo Leslie kittyface225@yahoo.com
Los Altos
Los Duranes Maestas Pearl pmaestas777@gmail.com
Los Duranes Scofield Mia mia.scofield@yahoo.com
Los Duranes Werner Mark mcwernerct@gmail.com
Los Vecinos Reynolds Dale abqpickleball@gmail.com
Los Volcanes Kahn Barry baryoli@hotmail.com
Manzano Mesa Kimbrough John johnrkimbrough@msn.com
Montgomery Park
Paradise Hills Baca Kathy kathy.baca08@gmail.com
Paradise Hills Martinez Marcos mmartinez233@comcast.net
Raymond Sanchez Ashmore Robert bashmore2957@gmail.com
Roosevelt Merhi Nabil nabilmerhi@q.com
Wells Park Marston Roger ram46_87196@yahoo.com
Sandia Prep Madrid Ruth ruthgodlywoman@gmail.com
Sandia Pres Church (Private) Wilkins Nancy npwilkins@comcast.net
Training Padilla Ray and Renee rpadilla5032720@comcast.net


Click this link to view the official USA Pickleball Association website. Here you will find loads of useful information, including official pickleball rules, places to play around the country, training materials, player rankings, and much more.

To see information about pickleball in the Southwest, click Southwest Region Pickleball.

If you want to make comments about our site or any of the posts on the home page, just enter a reply at the bottom of any page or click a “Leave a comment” link after any post the home page and let us know what you are thinking.

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