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ABQ Pickleball Club is a group of (mostly) seniors playing pickleball at various locations around Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Our mission is to promote the sport of pickleball in the city of Albuquerque and surrounding region; provide the opportunity for all members to learn and improve their play; seek playing equipment and sites; and develop activities such as leagues and tournaments. The Club is operated as a subsidiary of the New Mexico Senior Sports Foundation, a Non-Profit (501.c.3) corporation. Where revenues exceed expenses, the net gain shall be used to foster continued Club growth and activity.

Our mailing address is:
ABQ Pickleball Club
PO Box 20846
Albuquerque, NM 87154

Email: abqpickleball@gmail.com

Make comments on anything that interests you on our blog at abqpickleballforum.wordpress.com


Click this link to view the official USA Pickleball Association website. Here you will find loads of useful information, including official pickleball rules, places to play around the country, training materials, player rankings, and much more.

To see information about pickleball in the Southwest, click Southwest Region Pickleball.

If you want to make comments about our site or any of the posts on the home page, just enter a reply at the bottom of any page or click a “Leave a comment” link after any post the home page and let us know what you are thinking.

Albuquerque Pickleball Venue Coordinators 3/10/2015
Venue Last Name First Name email
Barelas Nunez Paul pnunezf@msn.com
Barelas Romero Daniel danielr8899@comcast.net
Cesar Chavez Rutherford Gary ruthergary@ad.com
Eisenhower Salm Lou and Sandy toelsol88@gmail.com
Hoover Helgeson Joyce healthyjoyce@gmail.com
LBJ Delbecq Kim nmvbgirl@gmail.com
LBJ Sedillo Leslie kittyface225@yahoo.com
Los Altos
Los Duranes Maestas Pearl pmaestas777@gmail.com
Los Duranes Michnovicz Stephanie Stephabq@gmail.com
Los Duranes Naranjo Marlene marlene.naranjo49@gmail.com
Los Vecinos Reynolds Dale abqpickleball@gmail.com
Los Volcanes Kahn Barry baryoli@hotmail.com
Manzano Mesa Morris Jan j_bmorris@q.com
McKinley/Roosevelt Chavez Albert achavez1217@qwestoffice.net
Montgomery Park
Paradise Hills Martillaro Linda and Joe martellme@msn.com
Paradise Hills Martinez Marcos mmartinez233@comcast.net
Raymond Sanchez Ashmore Robert bashmore2957@gmail.com
Roosevelt Merhi Nabil nabilmerhi@q.com
Sandia Prep Madrid Ruth ruthgodlywoman@gmail.com
Sandia Pres Church (Private) Wilkins Nancy npwilkins@comcast.net
Training Padilla Ray and Renee rpadilla5032720@comcast.net

2015 Club Minutes

To view the recap of the April 21 2015 Venue Coordinators Meeting, click here.

To view the minutes of the February 23, 2015 Board Meeting, click here.

To view the minutes of the January 26, 2015 Board Meeting, click here.

To view the minutes of the December 16, 2014 Board Meeting, click here.

Click here for a copy of the ​ABQ Pickleball ​Club Bylaws as approved by general vote on September 30, 2014.
​A heart-felt thanks to the outgoing Board for all your accomplishments both within the venues that you are responsible for as well as for helping with overall club activities. (You aren’t off the hook yet, however: terms end on January 1st). Departing Board members will be (a couple of venues had changes during the two years):

President: Gary Rutherford
Vice President​:​ Patty Gibson
Bill Burch
Penny Forgette
Ronnie Roberts-Dale Reynolds
Barry Kahn
Lou Salm
Albert Chavez
Melanie Christman-Jan Morris
Joanne Hobkirk -Bob Ashmore

The Board’s two​-​year accomplishments focused on organization, facilities, equipment, and recruitment of new players​.​ Specifically, these accomplishments are:


Became an affiliate of NM Senior Sports Foundation, which gave us tax exempt status. Obtained Club Status at Pickleball Central, giving members discounts and the club rebates.

Adopted new bylaws to accomodate the expanding club membership and facilities.

Thanks to those who helped with many of the special committees appointed by the board to further the club goals. Many terminated when a particular project was complete (eg. bylaws committee, etc.), but others are longer projects and remain ongoing (eg. permanent courts committee).


Worked with Parks and Recreation to increase outdoor facilities in the form of relining Los Altos and lining tennis courts at Hoffman, Montgomery, Eagle Ranch, Rinconada and Las Barelas.

Worked with Parks and Recreation to leave a net at the horseshoe pits (check out at Jerry Kline) for anyone who does not have a net to use.

Worked with school facilities, senior affairs and several school principals to expand use of schools in the summer including Jackson Middle School and Roosevelt Middle School, and during the school year at McKinley Middle School, Eisenhower Middle School, Roosevelt Middle School (increased weekend hours) and Hoover Middle School. Unfortunately, west side schools tend to be booked up with children’s activities in the evenings, so we have not had luck there.

Working with county and family and community services, this Board: Expanded the use of Cesar Chavez to 4 days a week, Los Vecinos to 3 days, Raymond G. Sanchez to include mornings, and expanded time at Paradise Community Center to include Wednesday evening. Added Los Duranes Community Center 2 times a week (thanks Elaine).

Worked with Senior Affairs to report usage estimates which help us monitor our growth rate.

Currently talking with Parks and Recreation about the possibility of having an advisory status and explore the possibility of priority for pickleball players on Saturday and Sunday mornings at Los Altos.

Approved several new committees, the Permanent Courts Committee is working with Gary Oppedahl and several city councilors to secure permanent netted courts.


Worked with the Senior Affairs and NM games to obtain additional portable nets and replacement nets. NM games provided some additional outside balls as well.

Using donations, two years ago, obtained indoor balls which are just now running low.

Obtained a grant from the NM Senior Sports Foundation for $436 which was used for additional equipment.


Active play increased by over one hundred and fifty percent over the last couple years.

There were two advertised pickleball learning days at Manzano Mesa, and two at los altos. Los Altos was advertised in the newspaper and had over 60 people in attendance.

Assisted El Dorado High School to get pickleball in their PE department, demonstrated to teachers (special education) at Manzano High School, and Jan Morris led a group working with elementary school children.

Cesar Chavez has beginners/training nets certain days of the week, and the Los Altos committee has made this part of los altos on weekends.


Have been instrumental in working with senior affairs in running 4 tournaments. Have conducted pickleball for NM games twice, including television advertisements. Conducted an economic survey to determine how much pickleball was bringing to the city in one of the tournaments.

Attempted summer leagues in los altos last year(okay not everything worked), winter leagues organized by a skill rating system are running at Cesar Chavez this year, and Paradise Hills has divided nets by skill levels.

And last, but definitely not least, one board member, Dale Reynolds, has developed an excellent website and communication system that keeps everyone informed, and made the elections and the committees flow.

Gary Rutherford


General Meetings – Minutes Archives:

Click here to view the minutes from the ABQ Pickleballers Club meeting on August 26, 2014.

Click here to view the minutes from the ABQ Pickleballers Club meeting on June 24, 2014.

Click here to view the minutes from the ABQ Pickleballers Club meeting on December 12,2012.


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